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Drupa update: First showing of the Meital 3000-10 UV flatbed

One Solution S.A. is a new Belgium based company formed by some of the key design engineers from the old Israeli NUR.

The company says that the Meital 3000-10 is different because it is the first to use the Xaar HSS 1001 printhead which enables variable size droplet technology, it bring both resolution with speed.

Users have the ability to vary the drop size from as little as 6 picolitres for sharp images and exceptional details, to medium dots enabling smooth skin tones or to large dots up to 42 picolitres producing great density of color. This is how the Meital 3000-10 delivers photo-realistic quality at production speeds. The print heads offer 360 lpi (1020 dpi apparent) at speeds up to 410 sqm/h. With only 4 colors the system delivers far superior image quality than a traditional 6 or 8 colors inkjet printer while significantly reducing your cost of inks.

Another unique feature, the company says, is the two-table structure allowing the operator to load one table while the second one is being printed. The machine utilises a strong vacuum table and a belt system.

The Meital 3000-10 offers a print area 250 cm x 125 cm and can accomodate a large variety of substrates and substrate thickness. The manufacturers have not specified at this stage the maximum thickness the printer can support.

Advanced printing features such as image step-and-repeat and nesting are standard.

The core of the Meital 3000-10 printing engine is Xaar HSS 1001 (HSS means hybrid side shooter) printhead. Each prin head  has 2 rows of 500 nozzles and is designed for single pass printing. Its greyscale possibilities and native resolution of 360 NPI guarantee superior quality. As the ink is circulating through the printhead itself, its nozzles are always kept in optimal conditions. This ensures minimal maintenance efforts from the operator, better efficiency of the press and an increased longevity of the printheads in the long term.

The printer is available in two different configurations with the option to upgrade.

One Solution