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Océ announce a smaller Arizona, the 200 GT

Océ Australia Limited has announced an addition to the award winning Océ Arizona flatbed range. The entry level Océ Arizona 200 GT duplicates the output and build quality of the successful Océ Arizona 250 GT flatbed, but is designed for light production environments with lower volume demands.

Product Manager for Display Graphics with Océ Australia Limited, Adrian Morris, says the arrival of the Arizona 200 GT answers the call from smaller display graphics operators who wish to be at the cutting edge of quality with a modest investment.

“Now this award-winning image quality is within reach of many more professionals, which has to be good for the industry as a whole.” Morris says.

arizona 200gt product news -  az_200_gt_rmo_rigid_6x3.jpg“The Océ Arizona 200 GT is equipped with Océ VariaDot technology that enables extremely high quality printing at resolutions of up to 1,440 dpi apparent. Océ VariaDot technology with four colour inks, uses about 50% less ink compared to comparable fixed drop six colour printers. It also utilises single-phase power, making it one of the most economical and environmentally friendly flatbeds in the sign and display industry.

“The new modular roll media option, supporting printing directly onto roll-based flexible media from 900mm to 2200mm wide, gives the Océ Arizona range the added flexibility to deliver outstanding results onto both flexible and rigid substrates.

“Because both media options can be offered on the one machine, there is only one footprint, freeing up space in the often restricted confines of the print shop workplace.

“Commonly used medias which can be printed on the Océ Arizona 200 GT, with the roll media option installed, include self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper and backlit film with no loss of quality or productivity.”

The philosophy behind the Océ Arizona 200 GT is to support and develop the future of the wide format industry. As a print shops print volumes increase, the system can be field upgraded to the specifications of the Océ Arizona 250 GT, with its improved production capabilities. In standard form, the Arizona 200 GT boasts a production speed of up to 9.3 square meters per hour, upgradeable to 16 metres per hour.

A true flatbed system, the Océ Arizona 200 GT uses vacuum pressure to hold media stationary on a flat surface, ensuring accurate registration even on multiple imaging passes. Unlike all other flatbed or rigid systems, the Océ Arizona200 GT prints along the long axis of rigid media to optimise the throughput – the fewer the number of printing passes over the media, the higher the average productivity.

With a best-in-class service organisation and many more unique printing breakthroughs slated for the near future, Océ is plotting to be a major player in the display graphics industry world-wide.

Océ Australia Limited