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Coldenhove Papier’s new “High Speed Formula” Jetcol HTR 4000 Digital Transfer Paper

"Jetcol HTR 4000 140gsm digital transfer paper has long been recognised as the industry benchmark for it's printing stability and high transfer yield, particularly suitable for customers demanding the highest quality dye sublimation transfer paper," said Patrick Koen of Fujifilm Sericol.

"Following the success of Jetcol's High Speed coating technology on 95gsm transfer paper, the same High Speed coating technology will become standard on the 140gsm Jetcol HTR 4000 transfer paper," he continued,

"Maintaining it’s unsurpassed transfer yields, superb evenness and printing stability, the Jetcol HTR 4000 "High Speed Formula" features drying speeds up to 4 times higher than regular transfer paper. This will provide significant benefits to digital dye sublimation printers, particularly for applications requiring heavy ink loads and deep, vibrant colours," he concluded.

The improved Jetcol HTR 4000 High Speed paper will be available through Fujifilm Sericol Australia in widths of 1.118metres, 1.32metres and 1.62metres.

Fujifilm Sericol Australia