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CBS Outdoor (UK) launches new green initiative

CBS Outdoor in the UK is leading the way in outdoor media with the launch of a new green initiative.

By facilitating a six week trial of an innovative new material, CBS Outdoor plans to provide a greener alternative for bus advertisers. The new material, Mondi Xtreme, which will ultimately replace vinyl, is made from recyclable fibres, which allows the ad to be repulped at the end of the campaign.

!cid_image001_jpg@01c8b1dd.jpgThis breakthrough comes after several years of searching and testing alternatives to find a solution which will provide an environmentally friendly solution for clients without compromising on quality. The trial will last six weeks and will take place across Newcastle and Manchester, with bus companies, First Group, Stage Coach and Arriva supporting the move. The boards will be tested on 45 buses in total, 15 in Newcastle and 30 in Manchester. Less labour intensive than traditional vinyl the new alternative also provides an important commercial incentive for the industry.

This media innovation follows the introduction of dry posting nearly two years ago. A revolutionary technique, it removes the need for wet glue in billposting. Currently more than 20 stations in prime central stations (such as Bond Street, Piccadilly, Oxford Circus, Green Park, Kings Cross, Charing Cross, Knightsbridge, Victoria, Queensway) feature dry posting technology. 4 Sheet, 12 Sheet, 16 sheet and 48 sheet sites in under cover sites (approximately 95%) will be replaced by dry posting in CBS Outdoor’s pioneering transformation program.

Jason Cotterrell, Commercial Director, CBS Outdoor comments, “As pioneers in our field we strive to provide green alternatives for our clients and holding the vast majority of bus contracts allows us to deliver a consistent solution on a national level. We are very excited about this initiative - once successfully trialled, this material will provide the first environmentally friendly solution to bus advertising without impacting negatively on the quality. Having received full backing from the bus companies, this alternative will potentially be made available to clients in the very near future.”

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