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All Caldera software to integrate Pantone libraries

Caldera, the French leading software editor specialising in large format printing solutions and Pantone, Inc., have announced a license agreement to integrate industry standard Colour Libraries in all of Caldera’s software.

Caldera has become licensed by Pantone in order to offer wide format digital printer clients the most accurate and “on the mark colors” for the globally accepted Pantone Color standards. A complete Pantone Colour Library that includes the Pantone Matching Systems, the Pantone Goe System and also the Pantone Paint and Interiors Colour System will be directly integrated into the RIP for seamless color matching on any large format inkjet printer which is supported by the award winning Caldera RIP solutions.

The Pantone Matching System is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. It consists of 1,114 solid Pantone Colors on coated, uncoated and matte stock. In addition, Caldera supports the recently introduced Pantone Goe Color System of 2,058 new solid colors on coated paper, as well as the innovative Pantone Paint and Interiors Colour System comprised of 1,925 Colours which are used by the architectural and contract interiors markets.

“This technological partnership not only brings the official support of Pantone Colours and the association of prestigious branding, it also guarantees correct interactive Colour simulation with real-time Pantone values and access to the new Goe technology. This partnership will enable us to offer even higher quality output and more extensive colour management ”
Joseph Mergui, Caldera CEO

“Caldera is a highly regarded company and their technology will ensure the faithful rendition of Pantone Colours on a variety of wide format devices,” Andy Hatkoff, vice president of Pantone’s advanced Colour technology division.