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Wide Format Online magazine upgrade

To coincide with yet another record readership of 10680 in April, Wide Format Online magazine has gone through an upgrade which bodes well for the magazine's large following.

The record readership results from large additions to the e-mail database that is used for the Wednesday morning Headline News Bulletin that goes out each week. The database now exceeds 6500 names and is still growing. Also the magazine has been finely tuned to maximise search results from the various search engines.

Brian Stickland, publisher of Wide Format Online said that what was particularly exciting about the new readership levels was that more than 80% of the readers, on average, originate from the Australia and New Zealand region.

"In addition", he said, "was the amount of time each reader was spending reading the publication, this was gradually increasing each month, with an average of 4.1 minutes per reader. This equates well with statistics relating to print magazine readership figures. Also another encouraging statistic is that many readers are returning time and time again to pick up the latest news."

He continued, "The most popular pages being the Jokes/Video, the Classified ads and of course the Sign Industry News pages that are updated 24/7. The Tips & Tricks pages do well with good readership levels and a big thank you to all the contributors who make those pages possible."

He was confident that with the current growth trend, the magazine would pass the 20000 reader mark by the end of this year, thus making it, by far, the most well read screen, sign and display publication in the region.

To coincide with this breakthrough in readership, Wide Format Online has being upgraded again, this time the width of the publication has been increased to take up the full screen width of a 17inch monitor. This will help enormously with the overall presentation as well as giving Banner Advertisers the all important extra space for their sales messages.

A new Forum section has been added to enable readers to seek answers to questions and to post comments and invite conversations on any industry topic. Stickland said, "We are looking forward to some healthy debate in the coming months, although I am sure this will take some time to take off since there has not been this facility in our industry sector before."

The magazine will continue with regular upgrades to encourage even more readership.

Wide Format Online magazine