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Zünd announces availability of PCD Diamond Polishing Bits for acrylics

Zünd recently introduced another pair of diamond bits for acrylics, the P201 and P201-A, which have a polycrystalline diamond cutting edge (PCD).

Polycrystalline diamond is a high-tech manufactured diamond material that has become indispensable in many industrial finishing applications. The PCD bit is suitable for polishing any kind of routed edges and grooves. It features a particularly long, 16mm cutting edge, which allows for efficient and economical polishing - even thick materials in one pass.zund bits

This eliminates any bothersome ridges that may occur when multiple passes are necessary for polishing the entire edge. Compared to the monocrystalline (MCD) diamond bit, the Zünd PCD has a cutting edge treated with laser, which makes it extremely sharp. This helps minimise differences in polishing results, which are further offset with the PCD's lower cost and longer cutting edge. The PCD cutting edges offer similar hardness and wear resistance to those of MCD bits and close to the same polishing quality. With a diameter of 5.5mm, PCD bits can safely be used for polishing grooves upwards of 6mm wide.

The new PCD polishing bit is optimised for use with Zünd router spindles. P201-A is also available with a stop ring, which makes it suitable for fully automated routing applications with the Zünd ARC automatic bit changer. To facilitate identification and tracking, the bit type and batch number are laser engraved in the shaft.    





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