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Metalised printable textured film

Total Image Supplies introduces a Solvent, UV and Latex Printable Metalised Film, that is ATTAR Certified for Slip Resistance to meet Australian Standards.

With an aluminium foil base, this printable media applies directly to a variety of surfaces including sealed and unsealed concrete, asphalt, brick, tile, marble, cinderblock and more.

It naturally conforms to rough or smooth surfaces requiring no overlaminate. It is slip resistant and reflective to satisfy a wide range of safety requirements. Totalimage Supplies

✓   Aluminium construction with an Anti-Slip "Deep Grain" surface

✓   Permanent Solvent Acrylic Adhesive

✓   Double-sided PE Coated release liner

✓   Application Temperature 10 degrees - 60 degrees

✓   Durability is suited for Outdoor use up to 1 year

✓   Compatible with Solvent, UV and Latex Inks

Applications: Use for areas such as Wall, Concrete, Asphalt, Brick, Tile, Marble, Terrazzo and other masonry rough surfaces.

Total Image Supplies

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