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New industry report reveals how automated workflows are revolutionizing the wide format print industry

A new industry report ‘Redefining wide-format workflows to realize revenue at every opportunity’ explores what is holding large format print back from fully capitalizing on cloud-based technologies.

Organizations from multiple sectors are leaping to harness the potential of new technology to streamline production, minimize time wastage and save money. Yet, according to recent research from Infotrends, only 8% of North America’s commercial print sector are benefitting from the proven efficiencies automation can bring.Print Factory

The in-depth paper from PrintFactory sets out the scale of the opportunity, the shifting trends beginning to disrupt the status quo, and the technology that’s making it possible.

“The pace of change has been incredible,” says PrintFactory CEO Erik Strik.

“Following the global push towards automation, cloud-based colour management technology is now a real possibility for LFP businesses everywhere. With this paper, we want to debunk the many misconceptions around cloud-based solutions, while providing a frank assessment of challenges like security and disruption, and how to overcome these barriers to adoption.”

With a focus on the missed revenue opportunities for print shops continuing to rely on traditional workflows, the report covers:

- How early adopters are enjoying up to 100% productivity gains with minimal investment in resources, highlighting the potential for software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to boost financial flexibility and cut capex to ease the pressure in a world of notoriously low margins

- The raft of features, including web-to-workflow solutions, real-time reporting on ink and media usage, and a detailed look at dynamic nesting—that can enable jobs to be delivered to the relevant RIP/printers automatically

- The ability for data driven solutions to offer the tantalizing prospect of fully automated colour management and a 24/7 lights-out operation—coordinating multiple printers over different locations and helping to make costly idle time a thing of the past

Print Factory

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