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NZSDA offers members a deal on Signee training program

The New Zealand Sign & Display Association (NZSDA) is offering its members an introductory offer to sign up employees to the association’s new Signee training initiative.


“It is important to note that in order for us to be successful at the Signee Programme we must have registered Signees, so if anyone has a staff member or someone new that needs an injection of knowledge to further their skills then consider the Signee Programme,” president Paul Walters said in an email to NZSDA members. “It has specially been designed for our industry to make it easier for you, the employer, to train up your staff.”

The association is offering places in an 11-week pre-vocational course designed to upskill staff for $1,200 + GST (usually $1,500).

“There are ways to pay for the course costs, however this will differ in every sign shop, so if you are interested to receive some guidelines on who and how to pay for the course, payment plans, and how to overcome the final hurdle (which stops many from advancing their staff for training), how to retain your signee after training has taken place, then get in touch with us, as we are developing a FAQ Guideline Sheet on the above,” Walters said.

Once signed up, the trainee will be supplied with a training booklet, plus online access to the resources and learning courses. “The best part is the employer will be equipped with a step by step guide to assist and help your staff at every stage of their learning,” said the NZSDA. “A Signee can be registered anywhere in the country as long as they are employed within a sign shop that offers a full sign service.”

NZSDA Logo Colour 265The final course assessments will take place over a weekend workshop and by Master Sign Makers in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland.

For more information, contact Carol King on 021 0297 6782