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Seminar on Strategic Customer Focus

The digital revolution is creating a fundamental need to think differently about how we do business.  Traditional recipes and mindsets for success may well be paths to failure if we continue using them.

In a bid to outperform competitors many companies make the mistake of imitating their rivals, rather than focusing on developing a new way of thinking and leading their company through that required change.

GAMAA’s three day residential workshop - Strategic Customer Focus - will address how to establish and leverage a customer centric mindset into creative and innovative value propositions that provide market traction. GAMAA Education Manager, Samantha Crock expands. “The workshop will extend this thinking beyond the typical company and customer paradigm to also explore its relevance to individuals in their career - it will provide participants the unique opportunity to focus on the value proposition that underpins their own personal brands.” 

Program Benefits
As a participant you will:
1.    Create definition around what you wish your personal brand proposition to represent and how you deliver value –  critical to internal customer management
2.    Learn to be strategically discerning and deeply knowledgeable about your customers
3.    Understand the difference between the emotional and rational attributes that your customers associate with your company
4.    Be able de-construct your customers’ value chain and reconstruct it in an innovative manner capable of delivering a potent value proposition that is attractive to your customers
5.    Develop a process for shaping the way you communicate to customers that is culturally relevant and engaging

Peter Singline
Marketing, brand strategy and working with teams has been the common thread running through Peter’s diverse career. A highly respected consultant working with leading global and national brands, Peter brings a unique level of understanding in marketing, branding and strategic theory from both an organisational and end users point of view.

Colin Beatie
Colin is an experienced coach and facilitator. He typically adopts an action learning approach – a process whereby people learn from experience and experimentation in the workplace. He has helped leaders address key leadership issues including performance issues, resolving conflict, motivating teams and influencing stakeholders, and to grow and develop in their roles. Colin’s strengths are creating a stimulating learning environment, promoting open dialogue, asking challenging questions and offering constructive feedback.

BOOK NOW! The GAMAA Workshop program is open to all working in the graphics and printing industries, but places are limited to ensure the integrity of the learning environment.  Please visit the GAMAA website at for further information or to book email