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Printing Industries launches Skills Shortages Project

Printing Industries has introduced a new service to help printing companies affected by the skills shortage to recruit skilled workers from overseas for temporary positions.

The Association has employed an immigration officer whose role will be to assist companies with advice and applications under the Section 457 Temporary Business Visa scheme.

Printing Industries CEO, Philip Andersen, said the Association had been successful in its application to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to fund the officer’s position until October 2008.

“I am very happy to announce the appointment of Peter Lovell to this role. He will be based at our Auburn NSW National Office and will work with member companies across Australia,” he said.

“Peter will take up his position from 25 July. He brings with him more than 25 years experience in the immigration portfolio.”

Mr Andersen said Printing Industries’ member survey in 2006 identified the skills shortage as an important concern for many member companies. Anecdotal feedback highlighted many of the difficulties companies faced when trying to recruit from overseas to temporarily fill positions. This included a lack of understanding of the way the system operated and the government’s own minimal knowledge of the difficulties faced by the printing industry.

“We have corrected the government’s understanding of our member’s problems and have gained their full support in working co-operatively to provide solutions for our industry,” he said.

“Peter’s appointment is an important part of this support as is the commitment.

The Federal Minister for Workforce Participation Dr Sharman Stone, has also been working with us on another level to help our industry to maximise existing labour resources not currently in the workforce.

“Dr Sharman addressed our Sydney CEO Forum earlier this month and flowing from the success of this event, has agreed to address a similar event in Melbourne.”

Mr Andersen said contact details for Peter Lovell would be available shortly. In the meantime any inquiries about the Temporary Business Visa scheme can be directed to Printing Industries National Policy and Research Manager, Hagop Tchamkertenian on (02) 8789 7300 e-mail:

Printing Industries Association of Australia