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Drupa update: GMG introduce ColorProof 05

Four years after introducing GMG ColorProof 04 at Drupa, GMG today introduced GMG ColorProof 05.

GMG ColorProof 05 is a major version upgrade of its highly successful color management software system, providing the most accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet proofing engines to produce digital contract color proofs, precisely matched to the printing press. GMG ColorProof 05 builds on its knowledge, and the consistency of, industry standards – along with a completely new, redesigned user interface – to make proofing easier and accurate for the experienced and novice user.

GMG ColorProof is a colour management software system that provides the most accurate way of creating digital contract-quality inkjet colour proofs precisely matched to the printing process. It includes all the tools to calibrate and consistently and efficiently manage the proofing process.

Perhaps most important is what others say about GMG ColorProof. In a number of third-party tests worldwide, GMG ColorProof consistently achieves the top scores. The central element in the software, the unique “4D Color Transformation Engine”, guarantees the best possible quality and colour accuracy when producing contract proofs on a variety of output devices.

The prominent new features of GMG ColorProof 05 are geared to making the application user-friendlier and more clearly implemented among a variety of workflows:

New, clearly-structured user interface
At first glance, ColorProof 05 has a completely new, modern, simpler user interface, where 75% of the typical tasks – such as selection of the proofing job, the Proof Standard and calibrations – can now be handled when files are selected for proofing, without losing time opening submenus. ColorProof 05 displays the primary elements of the job to be proofed, and a graphic display of the hot folders and associated workflows. For example, current jobs in the Job List can be filtered and sorted according to different criteria. Previously printed jobs are managed in a History List, where they can be reprinted with a single click. Printer queues give a rapid overview of the status of the installed printers and of the jobs due to be processed on each printer.

The Workflow overview provides a graphic representation of the complete system, including hot folders, associated workflows and printers, so that the system operator can immediately access parameter settings when necessary, and check system utilization. The Load Balancing function, showing where several printers are assigned to one workflow, is also quickly referenced. Errors can be detected much faster and more easily.

GMG ColorProof 05 displays every job in its true colours. The user can immediately see if an image is missing, or an existing image needs to be rotated, resized or positioned differently on the print form.

Proof Standards make it easier to implement GMG ColorProof 05
For GMG ColorProof 05, GMG has focused on the “Proof Standard”, based on worldwide industry colour and proofing standards. With the Proof Standard, the installation and implementation of consistent proofing has been made much easier. With Proof Standards, it is virtually impossible to output faulty proofing jobs on printers or papers that are incapable of reproducing specific printing standards. The Proof Standard is defined by:

  • The printing standard (ISOcoated, SWOP, in-house standard, etc.) on which proofing is based,
  • The medium used for proofing,
  • The printer used for printing, and the Calibration Containers used on the printer,
  • The MX4/MX5 or ICC profiles used.

Proof Standards, such as ISOcoated, SWOP, GRACoL and 3DAP, are supplied for GMG proofing media on different printers, but users can also create their own in-house standards. These Proof Standards are colorimetrically and visually optimized, permitting high-quality proofing with just a few clicks. Unlike most systems that require complicated installation processes, users can start using GMG ColorProof 05 out of the box – only the printer has to be calibrated. The Proof Standard substantially reduces the sources of error caused by setting up the software incorrectly, making it possible for high-quality proofs to be produced even by users who do not have extensive knowledge of color management.

The new Proof Standard also simplifies the process of printing a proof, reducing errors caused by incorrect printer settings and use of unsuitable calibration files or profiles. The user only has to select the correct Proof Standard, and the rest is automatically managed by GMG ColorProof 05, including printer settings and control of the measuring instrument and its filter settings. For instance, if the selected Proof Standard calls for proofing on GMG Proof Paper semimatte 250, the user receives an error message if the printer is loaded with different paper.

The Proof Standard function is also helpful for remote proofing applications. If the job is proofed with the same settings and the correct Proof Standard at the remote site, similar results can be achieved at both the creator's end and the remote site without any major effort.

Calibration Containers for each Proof Standard
Calibration Containers, included as standard settings in GMG ColorProof 05 – with the option to create customized Calibration Containers; for example, to papers other than GMG media – are closely linked to Proof Standards. A Proof Standard includes a reference to at least one Calibration Container, which contains the following parameters: 

  • The calibrations for the printer on a medium,
  • Calibrations for different measuring instruments,
  • The full gamut color space,
  • Printer settings affecting print quality, such as resolution and color mode,
  • The intervals at which the printer must be recalibrated, and the print quality requested for

With the use of Proof Standards and Calibration Containers, GMG ColorProof 05 reduces errors and ensures maximum proof quality.

Workflow filters contain several processing steps
GMG ColorProof 05 can group several processing steps, as a workflow, in a hot folder. For example, RGB data can be placed in a hot folder to separate the data according to a specific separation profile. From there, the file can be proofed according to a specific Proof Standard, such as ISOcoated. Additional filters can be set in another workflow for the same hot folder; for example, to transform ISOwebcoated data into ISOcoated data and output the result.

Multiple filter rules can be combined as needed and grouped into a workflow. This makes work far easier because, once the workflows have been created, all files can be put in a hot folder without worrying about correct processing. GMG ColorProof 05 handles it automatically.

Soft proofing available with a calibrated monitor
GMG ColorProof 05 can provide monitor-based viewing of jobs in soft proof quality, with a correctly calibrated and profiled monitor. ColorProof 05 automatically adapts the screen preview to the available color space of the monitor, generating soft proofs of the GMG Proof Standards on the monitor.

Load Balancing to use printers more efficiently
GMG ColorProof 05 has a new “Load Balancing” function that distributes print jobs among different printers. The print job at the top of the queue is output on the next available printer, ensuring efficient use of printers, eliminating the possibility that one printer is waiting for several jobs in a queue, while another sits idly. The user can change the order of the print jobs by placing an urgently needed proof at the top of the queue.

Client-server architecture allows access to server from remote workstations
GMG ColorProof 05 features a flexible client-server architecture. Settings (for example, creating hot folders and workflows, printer calibrations, and spectrophotometer measurements) that could only be modified on the server can now be managed from another PC. Thus, the user has full access to all setting options of GMG ColorProof 05, regardless of the location of the server.

Calibration checking function to assure accurate calibration
In conjunction with GMG ProofControl and a measuring instrument, the Calibration Check makes it possible to examine whether the calibration is still accurate or if recalibration is required. A small color wedge with just a few color patches is printed, measured and analyzed in GMG ProofControl.

Other new features include: 

  • GMG ColorProof 05 can process pixel formats, such as TIFF and JPEG, as well as vector EPS, DCS, PS and PDF file formats, in the same hot folder.
  • Different proofing jobs can be proofed on a proofing medium in a combined form with different color profiles.
  • GMG ColorProof 05 supports the PDF 1.6 specification.
  • Professional photographers can use the full 16-bit color depth in TIFF images.
  • GMG ColorProof 05 comes with comprehensive, integrated online Help, providing targeted help relating to the individual program windows. Tool tips are also integrated in many dialogs.
  • The Printer Calibration Wizard now permits comparison of the individual iterative calibration steps with each other, making it easier to decide which calibration is to be used.

GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof
Along with GMG ColorProof, GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof are given similar facelifts. Thus, the new user interface and the ergonomic improvements of GMG ColorProof are also available for these two software solutions.

Availability of GMG ColorProof 05
Introduced at Drupa 2008, GMG ColorProof 05 will be available to customers in October. All customers who order GMG ColorProof 05 in advance of the release will initially be provided the current version, GMG ColorProof 04.5.2, and will receive a free upgrade to GMG ColorProof 05 as soon as it is available.

The same applies to GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof. GMG ColorProof 05 will be available to all users with older versions of GMG ColorProof with an upgrade fee.

”We are proud that GMG ColorProof has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional color accuracy. And with its outstanding performance, GMG ColorProof 05 will continue to serve its traditional markets of repro and prepress businesses, print shops, agencies and publishing houses. However, with its easier user interface and the introduction of automatically-installed Proof Standards, GMG expects increasing interest among print buyers, creative workers and photographers,” says Robert Weihing, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG. “GMG spent a good deal of time determining how best to utilize the industry’s global proofing standards and rebuilding the user interface to make GMG ColorProof 05 the easiest to use, as well as the most accurate, solution.”

Kayell Australia