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Drupa update: Mimaki shows the benefits of UV LED curing

Mimaki is showcasing new UV curable inkjet printers using technologies based on Mimaki’s renowned expertise in the Sign / Graphics markets. The new printers consist of a roll-to-roll UV curable inkjet printer with UV LED curing technology and a single-pass high quality UV curable inkjet printer.

Mimaki has unveiled two new products using UV curable inkjet technology.

Firstly the hybrid UJV-160, a 60” roll-to-roll large format UV curable inkjet printer. Since the printer utilises UV LED curing technology, the curing heat emitted by the UV lamps is very low. Therefore the printer can accommodate heat sensitive media, such as PVC which could not be printed upon before. Also for printing on rigid materials an optional table is available. UV LED curing technology cuts the power consumption of the printer by about one fourth in comparison to conventional UV curing methods. Through elimination of ozone generation during the curing process, the technology is far more environmentally-friendly and results in far less harmful working environments for operators.

Mimaki has also announced it's entrance into label printing with a single-pass high quality UV curable inkjet printer with a print width of 30 cm suitable for printing 4 colour labels. The printer named IPH-300-L achieves a standard resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and can also be operated at a resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi for highest quality label production. Available with and without variable dot printing capabilities (four different sizes) the machine is equipped with a high speed RIP and processing features.

The new UV curable technology and further UV offerings open up new possibilities for inkjet printing, which enable printers to greatly expand their business opportunities. Through these new technologies to be unveiled at drupa, Mimaki continues to bring new digital on-demand inkjet printing solutions to market and thereby adds great value to the print industry.

DGS Mimaki