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New wide format products galore from HP, Canon & Brother.

HP has released a new large format HP DesignJet portfolio, Canon introduced an updated ColorWave and PlotWave large format printer series and Brother has launched the new GTXpro direct to garment printer.


HP says its new large format HP DesignJet portfolio is aimed at construction ecosystem professionals - architects, engineers, constructors and subcontractors – and delivers high-quality and fast print-outs at a low cost.

“The new DesignJet Series, from the T200 through to the T600 and Studio Printer versions, bring a new level of design, simplicity and connectivity for creative professionals,” said Guayente Sanmartín, vice president and GM, HP Large Format Printing Business. 

“With their automatic printing of A3/B and large format, their ability to print from anywhere and their extreme simplicity, these printers are perfect for AEC professionals that work either in the office or from home. In addition, their use of recycled plastics and the introduction of our first net carbon neutral large format printer underlines HP’s continued commitment to our planet.

"With HP Click software, one-click printing – even for documents of different sizes – is made easy. Combined with the automatic A3/B tray, it enables to print multi-size projects automatically – A3/B and A1/D or A0/E – without manually switching the media source. The new HP DesignJet series also enables seamless printing and management from any connected device, wherever you are, thanks to the HP Smart App."

The new large-format HP DesignJet portfolio includes:


The HP DesignJet T200 Printer series

HP DesignJet T250 Hotspot Desktop

Standout features of the HP DesignJet T200 Printer series include:

High-speed: Print an A1 sheet in as little as 30 seconds.

Smart Printing: Print muti-size A3/B and A1/D projects without changing the medium and in one-click with HP Click.

Increased mobility: Print anywhere with the HP Smart App.

Sustainably designed: Constructed from 30% recycled plastic.

Designed to fit your budget: Use up to 95% less ink for routine maintenance.

Higher-quality results: With 31% more line accuracy and 65% more gamut than competitors.


The HP DesignJet T600 series

HP DesignJet T650 Hotspot Mobile 1

Fast and simple large-format plotters, designed for construction ecosystem professionals focused on executing, problem solving and multitasking. Featuring:

Extreme simplicity: Print multi-size A3/B and A1/D or A0/E projects automatically, without manually switching the media source and in just one click with HP Click and the integrated A3/B tray.

Matches the way you work: Avoid waiting by the printer with high-speed printing as fast as 25 seconds per A1/D plot.

Increased mobility: Print anywhere with the HP Smart App.

Higher-quality results: With 31% more line accuracy and 65% more gamut than competitors.


The HP DesignJet Studio Printer series

HP DesignJet Studio Wood Hotspot Mobile 1

 For Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals focused on creativity/design and sensitive to aesthetics.

With a sleek white facia and wood or steel finish, the HP DesignJet Studio Printer series delivers a high-performance experience for design professionals who need a large-format printer and “fits seamlessly into the carefully crafted space of their client-facing workplace, all the while ensuring to keep up with the varied demands of the clients themselves.”

The HP DesignJet T200, T600 and Studio Printer series are commercially available in the US starting September 4th, 2020.

Learn more about HP DesignJet T200, T600 and Studio Printer series here.


Canon launches updated ColorWave and PlotWave printer series

Canon ColorWave and PlotWave series

Canon U.S.A. has introduced its updated ColorWave and PlotWave large format printer series, comprising two ColorWave models (3600, 3800) and five monochrome PlotWave models (3000, 3500, 5000, 5500 and 7500).

“With our long heritage in the large format printing market, Canon is dedicated to continuously developing innovative technology to support our customers’ evolving needs and enabling them to confidently print their concepts and designs in high quality,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With an end-to-end solution, which integrates scanning, printing and finishing, and with enhanced ease of use and improved security features, we are helping to provide our customers with the perfect all-in-one solution.”

Integrating optional finishing and scanning solutions, ColorWave and PlotWave printers offer a solution that makes the automated production of large format prints easier than ever, says Canon. 

“Also compatible with both series are compact single footprint scanning solutions—the optional Scanner Express IV, which can be integrated on top of the PlotWave and ColorWave printers for simple walk-up prints, copies or scans.

“With a new set of security features, the new ColorWave and PlotWave printer series offers safer submission to protect data and user credentials when sending files to the printer. It provides safer storage, helping to protect print data from theft or accidental data leakage; authorization to restrict access to confidential files, and hack prevention which helps limit access to the printer’s files to only authorized members of the organization. Whether print data is in submission, storage, or being authorized, the new set of security features can help keep it secure.”

Using ClearConnect software, the printers provide streamlined workflow for an individual print job or complex multi-file document sets. By providing active operator warnings and accurate print previews, the software enables users to make necessary corrections before hitting print, plus files can be submitted to print with ease from almost any location or device.

The POWERsync controller allows any of the ColorWave and PlotWave series to be integrated into a network running uniFLOW technology for secure printing and accounting.

Publisher Select, part of the ClearConnect software suite, helps eliminate misprints and wasted materials with a “what you see is what you print” preview on a user’s computer. The software offers dual printer support for a range of Canon’s large format printers and has the functionality to assign specialized media templates to print jobs or individual files within a multi-file print job.


Brother releases GTXpro direct to garment printer


gtxpro ohne stand web new

After the successful introduction of the mass production machine GTXpro BULK a few month ago, Brother says: “It became clear to us that we had to make the advantages of this industrial direct to garment printer available to everyone as soon as possible.”

GTXpro features include:

Newly Designed Industrial White Print Head

- Newly developed white print head technology with inside ink circulation, which results in using less white ink for cleaning.

High-Speed Print Mode

- The new design of the white print head features more nozzles compared to previous

models. This addition results in a 10% faster printing with special “fast mode” print settings.

Optimized Maintenance Process:

- Automatic cleaning processes significantly increases productivity.

Environmentally friendly

- OekoTex Passport and GOTS 5.0 certified Innobella Textile Inks

Operator friendly

- Installation and training by an authorized Brother DTG technician

- Additional Print Height Sensor: The new sensor technology detects if the platen is too low in order to reduce ink mist and ensures high print quality.

- Print Reservation Function for higher productivity


- Easy printing on a wide variety of textiles such as trousers, shoes, caps and much more.

- Printing on various materials is possible, from cotton to silk or polyester - all featuring the same ink.

- Compact industrial design and size suitable for all kind of production environment.

- Easy to move and add to any production – for a flexible process modulation of your production.

- All additional products from the GTX can be used with the GTXpro.