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Roland DG offers upgrade for LEF-20 and LEF-200 users

Roland DG says owners of VersaUV LEF-20 and LEF-200 UV flatbed printers can now upgrade their devices to gain the latest enhanced reliability, efficiency and output functions of the recently launched LEF2-200.

 roland value up

In an announcement from Japanese headquarters of the wide format inkjet printers manufacturer, Motokuni Kishita, product manager, Digital Printing Business Division, said: “To maximise the value that our LEF-20 and LEF-200 customers can obtain from the LEF2-200’s newest capabilities, we are pleased to offer a Value Up Kit that will give owners three major enhancements for their printers.”

According to Kishita, the first benefit is increased reliability. A new Head Refresh Feature removes any ink remaining on the printheads and cleans the surface of the printheads to maintain the health of the printer. An Extension Plate prevents UV light from being reflected under the table to minimise the curing of UV ink on the printhead surface. A new wiper cleaner more efficiently removes extra ink remaining on the wiper that cleans the head surface, enabling the printhead surface to stay in good condition. Should a printhead clog, a new Nozzle Mask function allows you to continue printing while using the remaining printheads.

A second benefit is the addition of a host of advanced functions to simplify high quality printing jobs. A Start Timer Function completes the setup procedures of printhead cleaning and white ink circulation automatically by your designated start time, so you can begin printing immediately after loading the materials. A positioning jig makes it easy to align items on the print table. When printing data with separate layers, grouping the data in the order of printing can reduce mistakes. In addition, the table can move to the next printing start position without returning to the origin. 

The third critical benefit of the upgrade is improved printing results. “A True Rich Colour pre-set is now available, allowing you to produce vibrant colour, neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones all at the same time,” Kishita said. “And the standard print mode now incorporates 16-pass as well as conventional 12-pass, leading to smoother output quality.”

To schedule an Authorised Roland Technician to perform the upgrade or to find out more, please visit: