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Novel display system from South Africa

The PosterPouch is an easy and simple way of displaying notices in sizes as low as A6, but generally accommodates sizes ranging from A5 to A1. The product is an anti-reflective sheet that can be attached to a notice board or window with a double-sided adhesive and held closed with magnets.

PosterPouch logoAccording to Clip-Tite managing director Vic Anderson, the product is a simple and easy way of displaying notices and graphics. The user can simply hinge the product open, place in a notice, slip it closed again and the magnets will hold it into position, making it easy for users to change their displayed offerings when necessary.
The product is ideal for branding purposes. It is most popular with bulletin and notice boards; a typical example would be a shopfront window of an estate agency.
The PosterPouch is double-sided, which means it can be placed against a window, so a notice or corporate branding can be viewed from both sides.
The product was developed to display posters, signs and information without the messy and sometimes untidy resources available. The product is available in a range of different colours.


The PosterPouch


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