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HVG Graphics Media’s longest serving employee announces retirement

The staff of HVG Graphics Media and many customers have been saddened by the news that their beloved and much appreciated longest serving employee Carol Connell will be retiring from the Customer Service team in NSW. Carol’’s last day will be the 31st of March 2017.

Carol has been an integral part of HVG since its inception, her service commencing with L. Vogel & Son 34 years ago in 1983. Carol’s hard work, commitment, and dedication are worthy of admiration. Carol will be greatly missed by her colleagues and the HVG Graphics Media team.
Carol has been a fixture in the daily lives of customers for many years.

Recently she spent a day out on the road getting to personally meet and say farewell to some of the people she had interacted with over her 34 years of service and give them a chance to wish her well on her retirement.
Jo De Paulo from All Print Graphics said “Carol was a great asset, a dedicated and professional individual and she will be missed.”

Carol 1 Carol 2 Carol 3
Michael Vagg, Carol and Steve Ellery from Steve Ellery Screen Printing Grant Cunningham, Carol and Joe De Paulo from All Print Graphics Pty Ltd Cathy Gritter, Mary Michael, Carol and Suzanne Layman from Rebel Graphics

On behalf of everyone at HVG, we would like to wish Carol all the best of health, happiness and travel adventures as she begins and enjoys her future years of retirement.

HVG Graphics Media


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