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HotHead fabric compression system for screenprinted garments

M&R’s HotHead fabric compression system gives garment decorators two ways to apply heat and pressure to fabrics for fibre matting, ink smoothing, foil transfer, on-press ink discharging, and other specialty processes.

HotHead’s control module mounts on the front of a printhead arm on the press. It uses a multi-function LCD display to set temperature and heater type. The control module works with two heat modules: the HotHead hothead fabric compression system 9r6V09BXr20144yrRoller applies heat and pressure using a rolling cylinder, and the HotHead FlatIron applies heat and pressure by gliding a flat, smooth metal surface across the substrate. Each heat module is sold separately.
The HotHead Roller and the HotHead FlatIron are securely affixed to the squeegee mounting bar by two manual squeegee clamps. To ensure optimal performance, two small controllers allow for adjustment of the up/down travel speed of the squeegee chopper bar. M&R chose a military-grade electrical connector, high-cycle flexible wiring, and a long-life flexible sheath to connect the control unit to the heating units.
The HotHead Roller and the HotHead FlatIron use thermal couples and pre-programmed logic to maintain constant temperatures. The temperature range runs from ambient room temperature to 204 C. Small cooling fans keep the external skin of the heat modules at a safe operating temperature.

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