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Condé Introduces DyeTrans GX7000 Ink Jet Sublimation Printer

Condé Systems has introduced the DyeTrans GX7000, the first non-Epson desktop ink jet sublimation transfer printer supported by Condé Systems.

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New StampaJet textile digital printer launched

Digifab of the USA have launched a new StampaJet, a digital textile printer that they claim is a new generation high speed textile printer that utilises a self-cleaning adhesive belt transport system.

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Sawgrass Technologies introduce Sublim solution for the Epson 7800 and 9880 printers

Sawgrass Technologies has recently introduced the SubliM solution for the Epson 7880 and 9880.

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Kornit Digital Launches "QuickP" RIP Software

Kornit Digital has announced the launch of the new Kornit QuickP RIP Software for enhanced workflow and production.

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Conect in Melbourne to have Open Day to showcase Heat Transfer products

Conect is pleased to confirm that we will have an open day on December Monday the 8th in Melbourne in conjunction with Siser Heat Transfer products to show case their range of products and how they can add value to the sports garment and clothing markets.

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Sawgrass Technologies releases Sublim Direct for wide format sublimation printing

Breakthrough technology offers superior run ability, expanded gamut and unrivaled lightfastness.

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Green does not necessarily equal ecological

Many manufacturers label their products “green” without really being able to furnish proof of ecological harmlessness. The Oeko-Tex Standard has clearly raised the bar for the textiles industry in this regard.

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Azon introduce their Texpro

Croation company Azon have introduced a textile printer cal TexPro, a unit that they claim will print up to 70 light T-Shirts an hour. If white ink is being used, the production rate falls to about 12-15 shirts per hours.

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Silicon inks make the difference

Xtep, a Chinese clothing manufacturer have launched a new screen printed sportswear line using silicone textile printing inks from Dow Corning that have a good performance and environmental profile.

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GJS Machinery introduce Forever digital printing media

GJS Machinery has launched the Forever range of digital printing media for dye sublimation, solvent and colour laser printers.

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MacDermid Autotype has announced new 54", 64" AND 74" Aspect Quadra Film Pre-Press Systems

MacDermid has announced the launch of three new Aspect Quadra film output systems. The new Quadra-III systems are the third generation of the popular line of digital pre-press equipment.

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Japan's Dai Nippon Printing to offer solar cells

It's been reported in Japan that Japanese printing company Dai Nippon Printing Co and textile maker Gunze Ltd are each working to commercialise inexpensive, pigment-sensitised solar cells as early as 2010, joining the ranks of nonelectronics companies trying to break into the solar cell business.

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12 x FabriJET in-line sublimation printers print 24 hours a day for the Beijing Olympics

Like any Olympic city, Beijing has been aflutter with Olympic flags and banners flying for the duration of the games and the new SubTEX FabriJET played an integral role in flag and banner production.

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Gandi and 3P fabrics team up for Tokyo show

At Sign & Display 2008 Tokyo/Japan (August 28-30, 2008) Gandinnovations will partner with3P InkJet Textiles AG to produce output that will show both products off to best advantage.

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Sawgrass Technologies Earns International Accolades

Sawgrass Technologies was recently honoured by two European printing industry trade organisations for its printing innovations and environmentally friendly products.

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DuPont Artistri P2100 series pigment inks for the Reggiani DReAM machine

DuPont Digital Printing has announced that Reggiani Macchine S.p.A., has approved DuPont Artistri P2100 series pigment inks for use with the Reggiani DReAM brand digital textile printing system.

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Kornit 933 ends beta site period

Kornit Digital has announced the successful conclusion of the Kornit 933 beta site period and its availability for sale.

Market research report on the textile printing market

The evolution of textile printing market has been driven by market opportunities created by digital printing, large format printers, innovation in inks and unique colour management standards.

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Kornit Digital showcases Kornit 933 at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008

Kornit Digital will showcase its industry solutions at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 (July 27th-31st, 2008, Shanghai, China) and will feature the Kornit 933 which the company claims is the first and only digital add-on station for screen printing carousels.

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New range of direct to textile fabric printers comes to the Oz market

PDI has successfully secured the sole and exclusive distribution rights for the SubTEX FabriJET range of in-line direct to textile fabric printers.

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New Alpha 8 Oval automatic textile press from M&R.

Alpha 8 is M&R’s exciting new take on the oval-shaped press. It’s modular and expandable—and can be configured for almost any production requirement.

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