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“We want to inspire action”: SGIA on sustainability

US industry group The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) – represented in Australia by the SGIAA – says sustainability will be a focus at this year’s new Printing United trade show - formerly known as the SGIA Expo - in Dallas, Texas (October 23 - 25). 

  2018 SGIA Expo

The Printing United show is still run by the SGIA but now with the help of NAPCO Media – publishers of Printing Impressions and other trade titles - as Wide Format Online's Andy McCourt reported last year. 

SGIA will host the Sustainability Strategies Luncheon: Inside and Out on October 23 at Printing United. 

“We want to inspire action,” said Mike Compton of Top Value Fabrics, who chairs SGIA’s Sustainability, Safety, Heath and Personnel Advisory Council. “Our presenters will discuss strategies that attendees can integrate into marketing plans and conversations with customers. The conversation will revolve around what they’re doing to move sustainability up and down the supply chain, and how they’re overcoming obstacles.”

Attendees will hear from a functional printer, a print buyer and a substrate supplier.

Dale Crownover, CEO, Texas Nameplate Company, will talk about sustainability as a “given” in today’s world, describing his customers’ reactions to conversations he starts. Texas Nameplate manufactures nameplates attached to products and equipment to educate and protect users.

Jenny Dela Cruz, COO and Co-Founder, Snowball Print Marketing will talk about what customers say when the topic of sustainability comes up — and what they’re really asking for when they say they want to work with a sustainable supply chain.

Brett Thompson, Sign and Graphic Market Manager, Piedmont Plastics, a substrate supplier, will discuss what it means to be sustainable and how he communicates that with customers.

The Sustainability Strategies session is one of several networking events at Printing United. Tickets for the luncheon are $US30 and are available while registering for Printing United. Registration for PRINTING United is free through September 10. Learn more and register at

Other sessions will include: 

Selling Color: Your Wide Format Competitive Advantage; 
Heat Transfer Vinyl and Screen Print Transfers: What to Use When; 
Inkjet Banding: Identification and Root Cause Analysis; 
On the Road: Trends & Opportunities for Traffic Signage; 
Industry 4.0 in Display Graphics Through the Cloud; and
How Preventative Maintenance on Wide-Format Printers Can Save You Costly Repairs or Replacement.

Printing United will cover print and finishing technologies in industry segments from apparel to graphic, packaging to commercial, and industrial.