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World-first Zünd tools rental program from Starleaton

Starleaton has launched a ground-breaking Zünd rental program, which has already attracted a “massive response” from customers in Australia and New Zealand as well gaining the attention of Zünd Systemtechnik headquarters in Switzerland.

PacPrint17 042
 A Zünd cutter on the Starleaton stand at PacPrint 2017

The program allows customers to rent individual tools and modules for their Zünd cutting systems that are needed for a particular job, then have the four-week rental price deducted from the total price if they decide to purchase.

Starleaton’s industrial product manager Ian Cleary told Wide Format Online that Zünd customers have responded to the program with open arms. “We launched the program last Thursday and there has already been a massive response from people wanting more details and wanting to get involved.”

The Swiss cutting systems manufacturer is also impressed and has expressed interest in taking the idea global.

“We spoke briefly to the Zünd head office when we were putting the program together and since we introduced it last week they’ve heard back from many of their distributors worldwide and other Zünd offices asking for details. No-one's done this across any brand before in terms of cutting equipment, so they're very interested in finding out how we put it together and how customers can get involved.”

routing modules V cut Kiss cut tools Rotary tools and more
The program covers routing modules, V-cut & Kiss cut tools, Rotary tools and more.

Cleary (pictured, right) credits Starleaton’s expanding customer base in Australia and New Zealand as being the driving force behind the idea.

Starleaton Ian Cleary“Between 2016 and 2017, we were the highest growth region per capita for Zünd worldwide, with a big spike in customers and also a big spike in the variety of applications. It wasn’t just customers buying out of the print market, it was across a range of different markets that the Zünd cutter addresses. A lot of customers came to us and said, look, we’d love to get into routing but perhaps you could refer us to someone else because we can’t afford to make that investment at this point in time. So we came up with this program off the back of that, to help the customers we know and love to get into applications that they’re not doing at the moment. Something relatively easy and at a fraction of a cost, for a four-week rental. 

“This flexibility will allow companies to grow into different areas that aren’t traditionally part of their day-to-day business. Prior to a rental program like this, they may have had to invest a higher amount of their capital funds, which many were reluctant to do.

“For example, a customer who has a Zünd cutter may be traditionally in the corrugated packaging market, only printing corrugated boxes and cutting corrugated boxes, then one of their speciality customers comes along with a material they haven’t usually used before, whether it’s an acrylic or foam product that requires a routing module they don’t have. So the rental program allows them to minimise the impact on that specific job. They can then decide after the job whether or not they want to keep that tool or module, and if they don’t they can return it after the initial rental period or if they do they can offset the rental price against the purchase of the tool. 

“It’s essentially a try-before-you-buy scheme. It gives them that flexibility, a short-term commitment and low cost, to open up a myriad of applications.”

The program includes routing modules, V-cut & Kiss cut tools, Rotary tools, and more. Software components required for any tool are built in to the rental program.

More details here or call 1300 880 605. 

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