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Lintec show off two new films at FESPA

Lintec launched a wet apply film made of recycled components as part of its corporate mission to raise awareness of sustainable manufacturing practices within the graphic, print and visual communication industries as well as a new anti-glare film.

Featuring high optical clarity as well as reliable, long term one-piece removability, E-2301RC Recycled is ideal for use in UV digital, screen and offset printing applications.

Lintec recycled film
Lintec recycled films in use

Andy Voss, Managing Director of Lintec Europe, says: “An increased awareness of sustainability and the environment is leading companies to re-evaluate their business practices and ensure their products are more eco-friendly. The same goes for the signage and wide format industries, where a growing number of customers are seeking substrates with green credentials. AtLintec Europe we are committed to both reducing our environmental impact as a manufacturer and to the development of environmentally friendly products, which is why we are introducing E-2301RC Recycled, which provides users with a sustainable alternative to traditional PVC window films.”

E-2301RC Recycled offers durability and improved see-through vision for a product that is backed with a paper-based release liner. The film’s flexibility and efficiency provide end-users with considerable scope to rebrand and refresh their campaigns as often and as quickly as required, with a high quality promotional glass manifestation product that stands out and is also eco-friendly.

The facestock is manufactured with a minimum of 80% recycled PET material. This recycling method diminishes the consumption of petroleum resources, as well as resulting in a 24% reduction in C02 and 40% less energy used during the film manufacturing process. For Lintec, this represents a small yet significant step forward towards the preservation of the environment.

Andy concludes: “We actively pursue the development of innovative and environmentally friendly products and we are confident this new substrate will help open up a host of opportunities in the wide format and graphic arts market. It is products like these that are capable of growing profitable new revenue streams and creating an exciting niche that we are sure will attract existing and prospective customers.”

The second product on display was a new anti-glare film

The AR-2200UH film has been designed specifically for premium retail applications. It is a hard-coated, scratch-resistant anti-glare film featuring exterior durability and optimum see-through vision.

Lintec’s AR-2200UH film represents a cost effective countermeasure to combat reflected light. Featuring 99% of ultraviolet light blocking properties, the substrate offers superior UV resistance give it a highly extended lifespan, maintaining performance over time without degradation. The AR-2200UH film has been created for both interior and exterior use and will result in higher performance when two films are applied on different sides of the same window surface.

Andy Voss explains: “If the film is applied solely to the inside of a window surface, the reflectance drops to 5.5%. If however two films were applied to both the inside and the outside of the window, then the performance is significantly heightened, with reflectance dropping to 2.4%. The visual barrier caused by the glare is virtually removed.”

Lintec Europe

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