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New and updated ORAFOL products coinciding with and coming out of FESPA

ORAFOL’s latest newsletter reported on a considerable range of new products and other company news including the recent expansionary move in our own region.

New and updated products included: .....

ORAJET 3952F Digital Printing Film (New)
This new cast and highly transparent film is the ideal choice for shop windows and glass doors, with its long—term durability and easy application. Wet application is highly recommended. The suitable lamination film for the material is the new ORAGUARDQ 252F.

ORAGUARD 244G Anti-Graffiti Film (New)
ORAGUARD 244GGraffiti can be extremely costly to remove. With the new anti-graffiti film from ORAFOL you can protect your prints. ORAGUARU” 244G makes it easy to wipe away graffiti. The film is UV resistant and can be cleaned without reducing its effectiveness.




ORAJET 3851 Digital Printing Film (New)
ORAJET 3851Brand new digitally printable etched glass film for long term applications. This new etched glass film is not limited to cut designs but offers the possibility to combine with creative digital prints. The material is ideal for e.g. shop windows and glass doors.




ORACAL 351 Polyester Film (New colour)
ORACAL 351The range of popular metallised films has been expanded with one of the most popular and fashionable metal shades in recent times - Rose Gold. The new rose gold colour is available in 50 micron thickness, and comes with a glossy surface.





ORACAL 751C High Performance Cast (New colour)
This is one of the true classics in the ORAFOL range. Although the range has been around for a long time, it is far from dormant. A new colour has now been added — Nickel, expanding the list of metallic shades even further.

ORACAL 970 Special Effect Cast: 4 great new colours (New)

Even more exciting possibilities opened up for great looking vehicle wraps with these brand new vivid colours!
The Special Effect range now includes no less than 8 colours which are ideal for both full wraps and tuning.

ORACAL 7710RA Long Term Premium Fluorescent Cast (New)
ORAFOl’s range of fluorescent films has been extended with an improved version, specifically developed for application onto emergency services vehicles. The new ORACAL 771ORA comes in fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red, and offers extended durability as well as improved application properties.

ORAGUARD 2815GF Stone Guard Film Premium (Coming soon)
ORAGUARD 2851GFThis is the new and specially developed high-performance stone guard. It comes
with a special nanomodified topcoat. It provides high resistance to staining, superior scratch resistance, and excellent gloss retention. This new stone guard film is based on a 150 um aliphatic polyurethane film and it comes with the usual high protective effect against stone chips. The material will be available in the second half of 2018 and will extend the product family of high quality ORAGUARD Stone Guard Films.





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