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Sign Essentials – increase footprint from 900 square metres to 2000 square metres in their new Geebung premises.

Sign Essentials new premises in Geebung in North Brisbane are now officially up and running and WFOL took the opportunity to catch up with Sean Strange (CEO of Sign Essentials) and the team in the new office.

As WFOL reported last week, having renovated, added new units and expanded where possible, it was time for a move. The new premises can only be described as spacious. The team are enjoying their new 2000 square metre environment, a real step up from the old premises 900 square metre foot print.

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Sean Strange, spoke about the coincidence of the business’ recent 25th anniversary but advised WFOL that  “we had to do it and now we not only have all this extra space but we have a whole lot of extra efficiencies in our operation which will benefit our customers in the coming months and years”. 6 sign essentials

He went on to say that whilst they were the biggest Roland DG dealer in Queensland and that this had been the foundation stone for their business for many years, the company had almost doubled on the back of the Impact CNC machine business, which has seen them install over a hundred machines country wide. 5 impact cnc

Sean also mentioned that they have added the exclusive distributorship of the popular Lamidesk “motorised” flatbed applicator as well as the Grafityp media range which has had enormous success in Europe and is now beginning to take off in our region. 4 flat bed sign essentials

Whilst discussing operational efficiencies and the impact that the new premises will have on their business, WFOL raised with Sean the issues associated with servicing machines in the far north and west of Queensland (this issue has been the subject of several WFOL surveys in the past). Historically the costs of servicing equipment in these areas has been almost cost prohibitive due to the associated travel and accommodation costs for the technician. Sean noted that their approach at Sign Essentials has been to group service and warranty work in specific centres where possible, with the effect of reducing overall costs for each customer.

Sign Essentials have seen some real benefits for both their customers and their support staff, by minimising travel times and overall costs. Sean and the team see this as providing real customer service and creating a real point of difference for their business.

Sean and the team are looking forward to a great 2018 and believe that the next 25 years will be just, if not more successful.


Sign Essentials


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