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How do you view the future of the printing industry?

How the Australian printing industry has changed during the past decade and what it will look like in the future is the focus of a new survey by Printing Industries Association of Australia.

The New Business Opportunities Survey aims to identify the factors that have changed the industry during the past decade along those that will define its future.
Printing Industries National Manager for Policy and Government Affairs, Hagop Tchamkertenian, said that the printing industry was an ever-evolving industry providing change, challenge and opportunity much of which was identified some 12 years ago in the Printing Industries-driven industry repositioning strategy known as the Print21 Action Agenda (industry plan).
“To assess how the industry is managing change, we initially developed the on-line survey last year to capture the changing industry dynamics over the past decade, but we need to continue to ask the important questions as change accelerates,” he said.
“It’s important that business understand the factors that are changing the course of the industry and providing new opportunities as well as challenges.
“We need to know how the industry is coping, how it is adapting and where it sees its future so that we can provide the resources and information necessary for companies to function effectively in challenging times.
“Equally important, the industry needs to know how it is performing overall and dealing with change and where the opportunities for growth lie, because there are many new opportunities, but they often mean significant change from away from the traditional view of how customer needs are met.”
Mr Tchamkertenian said the survey is now being undertaken on an annual basis.
“It looks at what is being done by companies to restructure their businesses, asks about their understanding and perceptions of change, whether their service offerings have changed and whether they have implemented web-top-print solutions.
“It seeks comment on multi-channel marketing, social media and web to print; and services and processes such as QR codes, 3D printing, and functional printing and whether these are perceived as offering exciting opportunities,” he said.
The survey will be open until Friday 26 April 2013 and can be accessed via this link: New Business Opportunities Survey

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