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Nanotechnology comes to the inkjet printing industry

P o l yme r t r o n i c s , a UK based company in Banbury is developing a  nanotechnology technique  which  will  allow  digital  inkjet  printing  and  instant  curing  of flexible  electronic  components.

Polymertronics  has  a patent  pending  on  a technique  which  combines  organic  semiconductor  fabrication  technology  with  ultra-violet (UV)  curing  techniques, to  cure  and  fix  the  electronics  onto  media  that can  include  vinyl,  plastics, glass and metal.

OLEDs  can  then  be printed  using  flatbed  or roll-to-roll  printer  platforms  and  powered  by  a low  voltage  battery source.

Polymertronics’  products are  designed  to  be bolted onto existing printing  infrastructure,  making  them  more  cost  effective.

Polymertronics Ltd