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Epson launches two new SureColor dye sub printers

Epson's two new 1118 mm (44") wide format dye sublimation printers, the SureColor SC-F6460 (4-colour) and SC-F6460H (6-colour), feature upgraded image processing for faster production.

Epson F6460H Front Right Hero with Print Image       

Epson logo notag“The standard SC-F6460 delivers an enhanced colour gamut with better gradation and a significant speed improvement over its predecessor using a standard 4-colour ink set, while the SC-F6460H offers enhanced efficiency and features a new 6-colour ink set that is configurable for a choice of production applications,” said Epson. 

“In short, the SC-F6460 has been optimised for speed while the SC-F6460H has been optimised for image quality and function. Both models feature a new pouch-based ink system and are powered by Epson’s latest PrecisionCore printhead and upgraded image processing for faster production with enhanced quality at lower pass rates."

F6460H Front cr
Epson's new SC-F6460H dye-sub printer is 6-colours, with the SC-F6460 a 4-colour model

Key features of the SC-F6460 and the SC-F6460H

1.Bulk ink system using simple tray-load 1.6 litre pouches for reduced mess, reduced waste and ink that stays fresh for up to 12 months in the machine

2.Significant improvement in image quality with a wider gamut and better gradation

3.Significant improvement in speed with a 20% ‘raw’ increase and sellable production that is up to twice as fast as that of the predecessor model.

4.Simple and easy to operate with a new 4.3” touch display, Edge Print PRO software and integrated support for Epson Cloud Solution PORT

5.The SC-F6460H variant can be configured with a choice of three extended ink sets – OrVi for gamut maximisation, LcLm for gradation maximisation or FyFp for brightness maximisation (fluorescent output)

The SC-F6460 and the SC-F6460H have been specifically designed by Epson for dye sublimation printing. They combine single source design, manufacture, service and support resulting in a fully integrated solution with optimum image quality and maximum reliability. Both models enable configurable and flexible output to suit a variety of applications ranging from custom clothing and décor to soft-signage, hard signage and merchandise.

The new printers have been designed to be quick to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain. They produce predictable, accurate and repeatable output quickly and efficiently to deliver cost-effective production with low running and minimum labour costs.

Dye sublimation has increasingly replaced traditional screen printing in recent years as it produces images that are bright, colourful and extremely durable. The process, combined with the technology underpinning the SC-F6460 and the SC-F6460H, means jobs can be turned around quickly and efficiently and the digitisation of workflow enables easier image creation, editing and customisation.

The SC-F6460 and the SC-F6460H feature a new PrecisionCore printhead that is 33% larger than the previous model for faster ‘raw’ output. Its ultra-fine nozzles support up to 600 x 1200 dpi with Variable Size Dot Technology (VSDT). Upgraded precision dot technology enables superior quality to be achieved at lower pass rates.

Epson UltraChrome DS ink provides another advantage for the new printers as it is designed to provide consistent output with a wider gamut. The ink set incorporated with these new models features an HDK formulation for blacker blacks with a more neutral tone and deeper, more accurate colour. The ink is fast drying for rapid production and sublimates well ensuring even more cost-effective production.

SureColor F6460H

Both the SC-F6460 and the SC-F6460H run Epson’s most advanced image processing with the latest generation Epson LUT, HTM and print modes enabling faster imaging with better gradation. Epson Edge Print facilitates streamlined production with a simple yet highly functional interface that accurately renders images on screen so what you see is what you get.

Flexible comprehensive service with enhanced backup and support

Epson provides a comprehensive ‘heads and all’ on-site warranty. Epson also provides optional additional cover that can be matched to individual leasing and operational requirements at a cost-effective price point. Multiple CoverPlus packs can be combined with the base warranty to provide up to five years of total cover. While extending on-site parts and labour cover, they also provide additional component protection for your investment during the cover period. 

The SC-F6460 and SC-F6460H feature integrated support for Epson’s Cloud Solution PORT service. Once activated this service provides enhanced reporting and management functions for the user, and enhanced support capabilities. If a printer breaks down Epson can directly interrogate the machine, analyse the fault, attempt to remotely rectify it and if necessary, dispatch a technician with the parts required to get the machine up and operating again quickly and efficiently.


The SC-F6460 and SC-F6460H are expected to be available in November 2022. They will ship complete with a 4-colour ink set and a roll of media. The SC-F6460H will come complete with an auto take up, which is also available as a separate option with the SC-F6460.