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Minuteman Press Springvale VIC makes acquisition and relocates

Two new wide format printers have helped Fiona and Rod Johns, owners of Minuteman Press in Springvale, Victoria for 20 years, to achieve record monthly sales in May 2022 before completing an acquisition and relocating a kilometre north to their new facility in Mulgrave. 


Minuteman Press, Springvale, VIC  (l-r): Fiona Johns, owner; Lauren West, print production; Rose Naga, graphic designer; and Emma Jones, bindery manager.

Fiona Johns: “At the end of May, we moved from our first location after 20 years. We moved 1km to 29B Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave. We bought the building which is over three times the size of where we were. We had outgrown where we were and needed more room to be even more efficient and to be able to fit more printing/finishing machinery.

“There was already a printing business in the new location, and we have acquired the business as the owner was looking to retire. The new business concentrates more on wide format printing, so we are looking at expanding into that area and expanding his business list.

“We were incredibly excited to move on many fronts. We have been able to spread out and set up a better workflow. It also means we have the capability of buying stock in bulk and therefore negotiating better prices. We have more defined areas which I think makes work easier for my staff and therefore keeps them happy. We are looking forward to expanding the business further and having many years in our new location.”

What are 3 keys to your success and longevity?

“Reaching 20 years means we have definitely picked the right industry to be in. We have made it work and I enjoy coming to work every single day.

Three keys to our success have been:
1. Our incredible staff is the most important. Having the staff who provide excellent customer service and produce a quality product means everything.
2. Providing a good positive ethos in our work environment and for our customers.
3. Keeping abreast of latest technology and ensuring our staff are well trained.”

What are some of the key ways you’ve grown your business? 

“I think it’s important to do a mix of things to promote your business. We have done email mailouts, print mailouts, face to face marketing. Shop signage is important as well as the use of A-frames. We have a Facebook page, Instagram, the website and a Google presence. I have been in BNI for 20 years and Rotary for 5 years. We have used promotional products and wear Minuteman Press clothing. One of our most productive ways of getting new business now is customer referrals. We also have purchased other printing businesses and are negotiating to purchase another one.”

March 2022 was a record sales month for your business. What do you attribute to your growth?

“Recently, we went into production of A3 signaling drawings which are all on synthetic stock. Through word of mouth, we have landed a couple of big contracts to do this type of printing for the whole of the Signaling Industry in Melbourne.

“We are also expanding our range of print products, like labels and books. In addition, we have really streamlined our production and finishing area, so our turnaround time has improved, allowing us to get through more jobs per month.”

What are your key growth areas?

“Labels, books, wide format, and graphic design. These 4 areas have really pushed our business along. We invested in a label machine and now can offer short (or long) run labels on rolls. We do a lot of graphic design for other print related businesses and for our clients. We have invested in 2 wide format printers and have grown that area of our business. We print a lot of short to medium run of books, which has been a real growth area.”

How would you best describe your community in Springvale?

“Springvale is a multi-cultural suburb of Melbourne. We interact with many different  communities, e.g., Vietnamese, Sudanese, Indian, Muslim, Greek, and have built relationships with all of them. Through word of mouth, we have started printing for affiliated communities. I enjoy our community and we have joined in with different community events and enjoyed sharing their food and culture very much.”

Why do you think printing remains so vital to businesses today? 

“That printing is a dying industry is a misconception. It is used every day to communicate, and though online or electronic technology is used, I think most people prefer to be able to visually see and feel the product. We have businesses that have tried various electronic ways of running their businesses or promoting their products online but have come back to print media for at least part of their production.”

Your background before Minuteman Press?

“I was an architect and my husband an engineer. We were impacted by the downturn in the economy in the 1990s, so we wanted to diversify into an unrelated area. After attending a franchise expo, we choose the Minuteman Press business model because it is the biggest print franchise in the world and had an excellent rating.”

What has the support from Minuteman Press International been like for you? 

 “Support from MMP is always available, they have helped in all areas of my business. Our local representative is always willing to give advice or help problem solve. Both local and International reps have assisted with negotiations in buying equipment. FLEX software is invaluable for quoting. The regular upgrades ensure it keeps up with pricing changes in our industry.”

What are the biggest rewards of owning your business?

“Being your own boss is a huge reward. Owning this business has helped me grow professionally. I have learnt so much in dealing/ interacting with clients and suppliers, dealing with deadlines and testy situations. As I mentioned, I enjoy coming into my business and working with my staff and clients.”

What advice would you give to other business owners?

“Clearly understand what you are getting yourself into and ask lots of questions. Understand success doesn’t happen overnight. Surround yourself with good staff and don’t be scared to let the wrong people go. Use the knowledge of the other franchisee owners. Keep up with technology. Build a relationship with your suppliers, they will work with you if they trust and know you. Most important is customer service. Clients will never leave if you treat them well and produce quality products on time and at a competitive price.”

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