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ORAFOL responds to global demand for PVC-free solutions

ORAFOL says its new PVC-free films and laminates were specially developed to meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions in the advertising and automotive sectors. 

orafolpvc van.jpg
   Roadsurfer camping van with PVC-free films from ORAFOL

Orafol says the innovative and partly new products for vehicle wrapping and digital printing introduced at FESPA in Berlin are alternatives to its standard range. They include:

ORAJET 3971RA+ ProSlide

The cast thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film was developed as a PVC-free alternative for vehicle wrapping and other long-term applications. ORAJET 3971RA+ ProSlide offers very good formability. Thanks to the ORAFOL RapidAir and ProSlide technologies, the product can also be quickly and easily bonded to complex surfaces with deep grooves and bulges. The high-gloss, white, PVC-free film offers the best printability on all digital printing platforms. Particularly long-lasting results are achieved when used in combination with the transparent and PVC-free laminate Oraguard 279.
Further details: 
ORAJET® 3971RA+ ProSlide™    

oraguard 2815gf stoneguard film id11205 31824 46957dccORAGUARD 2815 Stone Guard

ORAGUARD 2815 Stone Guard is a transparent, clear, thermoplastic polyurethane film. The film is designed to protect vehicle surfaces against a variety of influences, such as stone chips, road dirt, insects, stains, small to medium scratches, chemical soiling and weather influences - without affecting the original paint colour. In addition, the product has a "self-healing" surface coating. Small scratches in the film regenerate at room temperature, medium-sized ones with slight warming.
Further details: ORAGUARD® 2815GF

orajet 3720 3740 digital printing id11550 33740 0d940dadORAJET 3720 / 3740

The polypropylene (PP) films ORAJET 3720 / 3740 offer a very wide range of applications for PVC-free temporary advertising. The film offers the best printability on all digital printing platforms and was developed for UV-curable and latex inks. ORAJET 3720 / 3740 is easy to use, even on fast print runs. Long-lasting results are achieved through combined use with the PVC-free laminate ORAGUARD 236 from our standard range.
Further details:
ORAJET® 3720 / 3740

ORAFOL Group is a global company specialising in plastics finishing. As a research-focused manufacturer of high-performance self-adhesive special products and films, ORAFOL generated sales of €768 million in fiscal year 2021. With 24 subsidiaries, the owner-managed group maintains a presence in Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. It has production sites in Germany, the USA and Australia. ORAFOL employs more than 2,500 people worldwide, including more than 1,100 at its headquarters in Oranienburg, near Berlin.