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Thunder and lightning, prices not frightening from Thunder Laser

With apologies to Queen from 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' If you are looking for a great, well-constructed laser cutter or engraver that won't break the budget, try Thunder Laser. The whole look and feel of the various models speaks robustness and quality, with motors and parts sourced globally from the best and assembled in China. At PacPrint, Glenn Traves and Mandy showed several models and existing users are singing the praises.

P1000200 001
Glenn Traves and Mandy at PacPrint one of the ODIN series laser engravers from Thunder Laser

thunderLaser logoLasers continue to make a big impact in the Signage industry. Glenn Traves has many years experience in engineering and lasers and is the Australian disrributor and service supporter of Thunder Laser products. Exhibiting at PacPrint from his base in Brisbane, the level of interest was very high. Signmakers and textile finishers want fast, reliable laser cutting that is capably supported locally.

Thunder Laser's Odin, Nova and Aurora series covers with CO2 laser cutters and engravers are good for processing most  materials like Cloth, Acrylic, Wood, Leather, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, glass, Ceramic, and Rostone, which can be widely used to various industries, like: Advertisement sign, Architectural Model makers, Art and Craft, Clothing, Printing and Packing. Some metals are cut or engraved by using the High Resolution head that Thunder Laser developed.

The company sources globaly for research and development, production, quality testing, after-sales service and other key parts. The cutters and engravers have gained certifications in Europe (CE) and USA (FDA). With the direction of the technical experts from Germany, Thunder Laser has established distinctive advantages that is being recognised all over the world.

Customers are glowing in their testimonials, such as Elliot Trost: "Could not recommend Thunder Laser’s enough. Not only is the machine reasonably priced and well built but the service that Glenn offered was nothing less than amazing," and Clay Luttrell: "Great parts, great assembly, great people. Thunder Laser is absolutely the best value for a laser machine!" and Belinda Fancett: "I love my machine and thanks to you Glenn for answering every question at anytime of the day, and all the million questions I asked prior to buying one! The machine itself is amazing." These are real Australian customer experiences and not the product of a PR or ad company.

So if you missed Thunder Laser at PacPrint, get in touch with Glenn or Mandy or browse their website at: