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Solimar unveils Rubika 4.4 workflow software ahead of PacPrint

Solimar Systems, a US-based global provider of workflow software for print production and digital communications, has introduced the latest version of its award-winning Rubika document re-engineering solution in the lead-up to PacPrint.  Solimar recently announced a partnership with Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific.

 Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 9.16.28 am.png

SolimarLogo“Rubika is renowned for adding value to existing documents with a modular suite of post-composition document re-engineering capabilities that maximize postal discounts, add barcodes for insertion control, modify finishing, automate device load balancing, and enable white paper workflows," Solimar said. "Rubika is part of Solimar’s Chemistry platform, integrated with other workflow and data optimizing, document enhancing and job tracking solutions.

“Among the many benefits of Rubika 4.4 is an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) to boost the ease of commonly used tasks with fewer clicks, while hiding more advanced options until needed. These updates increase user productivity, reduce training times, and improve overall customer satisfaction.”

Screen Shot 2022 06 22 at 9.20.19 am
"Substantial revenue opportunities":
      Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar

California-based Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar’s chief experience officer, who will be at PacPrint, said: "Rubika's popularity is largely driven by the substantial revenue opportunities and operational cost savings it enables. Our client testimonials speak to the value of its capabilities. The features in version 4.4 demonstrate our commitment to expanding the ways that Rubika underpins the successes of our clients." 

Video release available here.

 New Rubika features include:

Scale and Shift Module – New features in the module enable users that require different sizes for media, and defined printable area, the ability to leverage cropping while scaling or repositioning content.

Enhanced QR Code Error Correction Level – This new feature sets the redundancy level for a QR code to allow the barcode to be partially damaged without loss of data.

Enhanced Security with PDF Encryption Step – Rubika now supports 256-bit encryption when setting the User Password Encryption Level for added security.

“Solimar Systems strives to solve difficult problems for our customers by delivering powerful, economical, and configurable off-the-shelf software,” Rowan said. “We are very proud that Rubika has transformed the way that highly variable and personalized communications are produced. We encourage Rubika users to take advantage of the many benefits of version 4.4.”