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Caldera's PrimeCenter saves hours in print & cut workflows

For three decades, Caldera has shown that valuable production time starts at the prepress and RIP stage, during which all errors can be prevented to ensure a streamlined workflow. PrimeCenter is designed as versatile software that can benefit print operations of all sizes. It integrates seamlessly with any RIP software to save valuable time in file preparation allowing printers to focus on printing and cutting rather than prepress. It is now available for a 7-day free trial.


 Caldera PrimeCenter Workflow simple
 Caldera's Prime Center can be scaled to any wide format production size and works with all RIPs

PrimeCenter is a prepress software developed by Caldera in order to help print service providers optimize their job preparation for digital printing and cutting. Automating repetitive prepress tasks brings significant benefits— save time on prepress, increase the productivity of your operators, and reduce media usage to increase your margin.

As a  prepress tool, PrimeCenter sits up-stream of RIP stations.

Jobs are first submitted to PrimeCenter, either manually, from a web shop or an ERP. At this stage, PrimeCenter handles all prepress tasks such as: nesting, preflighting, management of print bleed, margins, cut marks, annotations, barcodes & QR codes.PrimeNesting resized

After generating perfectly optimised layouts, PrimeCenter sends both PDF files (the print file and the cut file) to production. At this stage, the Caldera or any any other RIP can be integrated to process the files, making them ready for printing. Once jobs are printed, they’re ready for cutting, since PrimeCenter generates ready-to-cut PDF files.  

Version 1.2, released in Q4 2021, brings several new features and enhancements, including double-sided printing for rectangular and non-rectangular shapes. File preparation for double-sided banners or stickers has been made easier by PrimeCenter automatically generating Side 'B' and correctly placing the margins and cutting marks saving time and eliminating manual errors.  

Managing more complicated configurations, such as nests containing double-sided files with non-identical visuals on each side, has also been simplified. Using PrimeCenter’s advanced prepress tools, it is now possible to generate perfectly optimised layouts in just a few clicks to streamline double-sided printing production. 

PrimeCenter, Version 1.2 comes with additional flexible settings to simplify automated setup. For example, if the user needs to manage many recipes, workflow configurations and hotfolder settings can often become tedious and time-consuming, which is why a unique entry point has been added to the settings to improve flexibility. Each recipe can still work with its own hotfolder, or users can choose to work with the new Global Hotfolder instead. Moreover, the recipe’s name can also be included in the XML file to ease the integration and automation, which allows the user to save time and focus on added-value tasks.  

When preparing a large number of files for printing and cutting, workflows need to perform at their best. If formatting errors are encountered in one or several files, the Prime Center system will pinpoint them without interrupting the nest process, and place them in an error folder so the operator can treat them separately while the other files are being processed. 

Focusing on fixing errors before printing is essential to save valuable production time and reduce media waste in printing and cutting operations. 

Caldera is offereing a 7-day free trial of Prime Center which can be accessed HERE.

Prime Centre is also available through Starleaton, the Zund cutter dealer for Australia and New Zealand:  &