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Starleaton expands its range of Neschen PVC-free media

The sustainable range includes graphics media, wallpapers and laminates, with new versions Easy Dot PP for water-based inkjet & HP Indigo printers and Easy Dot PET L-UV, a 75-micron polyester film manufactured from 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. 


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 9.28.41 am.png

“Consumers have a growing understanding of the environmental impacts of PVC and plastic waste, and they will continue to drive the trend towards sustainable products,” said Starleaton. “The demand for change from consumers has already led many major brands and large corporations to use only PVC-free materials wherever possible.

Screen Shot 2022 04 06 at 9.30.59 am“In most cases, monomeric (and to a lesser extent polymeric) self-adhesive PVC print vinyl and PVC coated wallcoverings are the default choice, irrespective of whether they are used indoors or short-term outdoors. This choice is driven by price, performance, and habit, as historically PVC-free products have performed poorly or have been too expensive. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and we have to challenge ourselves to think differently about the materials used in these types of applications. Keeping up with short advertising cycles can be more sustainable with the use of PVC-free products.”

Neschen focuses increasingly on green product alternatives

Over the last decade, Neschen has continued to innovate and optimise the sustainability of its manufacturing processes and product offering which actively contribute to protecting the environment and human health, Ines Eaton, Marketing Manager at Starleaton said. “Its growing range of PVC-free media places Neschen at the forefront of the shift to sustainable alternatives in the digital media and interior design media markets.

“Aside from the obvious environmental and health benefits, Neschen's range of non-PVC digital print media is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to standard PVC films. With no compromise on quality or longevity, they offer an attractive environmentally friendly status along with a high-quality product suitable for various uses including long term indoor uses and short to mid-term outdoor applications.

“From Easy Dot to Wall-Grip, from floor and window graphics to wallpapers and wallcoverings, from protective laminates to mounting films, Neschen has a PVC-free option for almost any interior or short-term exterior application.” 

 Easy Dot PP and Easy Dot PET

 Designed for application on flat surfaces, Easy Dot self-adhesive vinyl has the adhesive applied in ‘dots’ rather than in a traditional smooth coating. This allows bubble free and simple application with air being able to travel between the dots. Fire rated, it provides residue-free removal from many surfaces.

PVC free Easy Dot is the best solution for eco-friendly, fast and easy to install and remove promotional graphics on windows, walls and floors. 

  • easy dot® PET L-UV for Latex and UV-Curable technology
    The latest PVC-free member of the easy dot family offers a particular homogeneous, matt surface and delivers photorealistic printing results. This product is developed for UV-curable and Latex technology (HP Latex certified).
  • Easy dot® PP matt WB for Water-Based and HP Indigo
    The first easy dot® product with a version specifically designed for narrow web digital engines, including HP Indigo, is available in sheet-fed and roll-fed options. Neschen easy dot® PP matt WB is printable with any water-based ink and HP Indigo printing technology, including HP Pagewide and HP Indigo. 
  • easy dot® PP matt UV for UV-Curable technology
    The environmentally friendly range also includes easy dot® PP matt UV for UV-curable inks, UV-gel, and screen printing.

 Neschen GREEN WALL self-adhesive wallcoverings

Self-adhesive printable wallpaper opens doors for architects, designers, and interior decorators to digitally print wallpapers on a range of different textures.  Neschen Green Wall wallpapers are specialist eco-friendly products for large format printing. The range is both PVC- and solvent-free.

  • Neschen wall-grip PP L-UVThe green alternative for difficult surfaces. 
    From rough plaster, bare concrete, and untreated chipboard to low-energy surfaces like PP-based panels – the high-performance adhesive provides excellent adhesion. Neschen wall-grip PP L-UV is available in two textures: smooth and sand. The sand structure authentically resembles the look of real wallpaper, giving customers the creative freedom of wall graphics, while maintaining the high-quality look of wallpaper.
    The product is the choice for indoor and short-term outdoor applications and is suitable for printing with latex and UV-curable inks. HP Latex Inks 3. generation certified.
  • Neschen Wallpaper L-UV Adhesiveideal for large scale projects. 
    Discover a new and economic version of printable wallpaper. This self-adhesive heavy, non-woven wallpaper is suitable for UV-curable- and Latex inks. Available in two textures: smooth and sand.