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Hand sanitiser stands to Lightboxes: Euro Poles at Visual Impact

“In an increasingly diverse market, it’s important for businesses to respond to a wide variety of customer demands – and we understand just how varied those can be when you start talking about signage, expos and retail point of sale,” says Peter Wagener, MD of textile print and display specialist Euro Poles.

europoles lightboxes edit
               Quick Frame Lightboxes (above) and Vario Dispenser (below)

disinfect hands euro editLatest innovations from Euro Poles will be on full display at the Visual Impact Expo and PacPrint 2021 in Melbourne at the end of June, with a showcase designed to give visitors a taste of the company’s range of digitally printed textile products, with two in particular taking centre stage at the show.

“It’s always difficult to select just which products to bring to the show, and visitors to previous expos will remember that the Euro Poles stand is always full of innovative and colourful solutions designed to provide inspiration and ideas to visitors,” says Euro Poles founder and managing director, Peter Wagener.

Like many companies which have successfully navigated the past couple of years, Euro Poles has innovated to meet changing market requirements, and its new Vario Dispenser range of hand sanitiser stands is set to create plenty of interest, with hygiene solutions likely to be a fixture in retail, commercial and hospitality environments for years to come.

“When it became clear that businesses would need to respond to this requirement, we moved quickly to develop a solution that – like the entire Vario range – is fast and simple to assemble, and would not only provide an attractive way to present hand sanitiser, but allow businesses to incorporate branding, imagery or instructions into the product,” Wagener says.

The Vario Dispenser features the same ‘click and connect’ frame which will be familiar to those who’ve previously investigated displays like the Vario banners, media walls, gates and arches which have taken centre stage at previous shows.

Europoles Peter Wagener
       "We know the market":
 Peter Wagener, MD Euro Poles

“The frame is covered by a stretch fabric sleeve, or ‘sock’, which zips down tightly to the frame to create a neat and seamless finish,” says Wagener. “Magnets integrated into the framework allow the sanitiser dispenser to attach to the display without ugly brackets or shelves, so the bottle seems to ‘float’ against the printed textile backdrop.”

Another feature of the show will be the Quick Frame Lightbox, which relies on a simple system to provide illuminated displays using vibrant printed textiles.

“The Quick Frame Lightbox, like all the Vario products, features an easy-to-assemble framework which, in this instance, features integrated LED modules on the inside of the frame,” he says. 

“Printed stretch fabric panels, which feature a silicone edge strip, can be attached to both sides of the frame, slipping easily into channels that hold the graphics firmly to provide a neat, tight finish. This makes it easy to install, remove or swap out graphics quickly and easily, with no tools or training.”

The edges of the frames are magnetised, so units can be easily joined together to create walls of illuminated panels in virtually any size, with the narrow edge profile providing almost seamless images. “You can even add a sanitiser dispenser to the panels if you like. 

“In an increasingly diverse market, it’s important for businesses to be able to respond to a wide variety of customer demands – and we understand just how varied those can be when you start talking about signage, expos and retail point of sale, to name just a few areas,” says Wagener.

“By partnering with Euro Poles, print businesses can access our comprehensive digital printing resources and advanced display systems to offer their customers a full range of textile signage and display solutions, building potential new revenue streams for their business without the need to manufacture every product in house.

“We know the market and are equipped to meet even the most demanding customer requirements – and we’re looking forward to showing both direct customers and our fellow print service providers just how far this exciting area of our industry has come.”

Visual Impact will co-locate with PacPrint 2021 and the Label & Packaging Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 28th June to 1st July this year. Click here to register for the show, or go to for more information.