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Searching for a font match? SAi's font finder in Flexi makes it easy

Sign makers regularly need to match fonts supplied by a customer in another artwork. While experience can often help track it down ("that looks like Sabon?"), Flexi's Find my Font application will find the exact match in seconds.


FMF Flexi
Flexi users may not be aware that they can identify any font with the FMF app already in their subscription

Subscribers to SAi's Flexi signmaking software may not readily know that they can identify any font, anywhere in a matter of seconds.

Included with with a Flexi subscription, is access to Find my Font, an application that identifies fonts accurately, easily and speedily. Find my Font is a simple yet powerful application for identifying the fonts in any digital image. Incredibly useful and functional features allow you to identify fonts even in the most complex images.

FMF Whistler match
Matching and similar fonts are identified in seconds

It's all in the font database

FMF searches a huge database containing commercial and free fonts. It will also identify any font whether you have it on your computer or not. The application matches fonts with unprecedented speed and will return a list of matching and similar fonts within a few seconds.

FMF identifies not only the matching font, but also similar fonts. Use the program to find fonts that 'look like' your prototype, or free alternatives of it.

To find out how to activate and use Find my Font in Flexi, click on the main image above to see the 10-minute instructional video, or click HERE.