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Roland DG Connect adds new features for productivity

Roland DG Corporation has released Roland DG Connect version 1.1, with new features designed to "enhance printer operation status visibility and increase the profitability for an expanded range of products.” The app is currently available for all TrueVIS models and VersaUV models including LEC2-640/330 and LEC2-S series. 


Introduced earlier this year, Roland DG Connect was developed “to improve workflow efficiency, while increasing profitability and opportunities for business development, and enables people with different skills, and requirements to collaborate and share ideas,” the manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters said in a statement from its headquarters in Japan.

“With this update, a new printer monitoring function is included, that allows customers to check the operational status of multiple printers in real time. This makes it possible to operate printers more efficiently and productively. It also features a ‘business dashboard’ that allows users to perform simple profit and cost calculations by entering the unit selling price of ink and media. This assists in setting appropriate sales prices and increasing cost awareness.” 

With the addition of the VersaUV LEC2-330/640 UV LED printer cutters, the software is now available for a wider range of devices. 

tony miller 33650 768x960
      "A valuable free service":
   Tony Miller, Roland DG Corp.

"Roland DG Connect is a valuable free service that greatly expands the creative possibilities of our customers by connecting them to a wide range of people and resources online," said Tony Miller, president, global sales and marketing division. "Customers tell us that being able to easily observe the operating status of their printers has led to the implementation of appropriate maintenance for stable product operation and the realisation of increased efficiency and profitability. We will continue to add new features, services, and supported printers to generate an even more compelling and creative ecosystem for our customers worldwide." 

Roland DG Connect is currently available for all TrueVIS models including the VG2-640/540, SG2-640/540/300, VF2-640, VG-640/540, SG-540/300, as well as VersaUV models including LEC2-640/330 and LEC2-S series. Updating to the latest firmware is required. Supported products will be expanded in the future.

To find out more and download the app, go to: https://www.rolanddg.com.au/products/software/roland-dg-connect-app

For more information, please visit https://www.rolanddg.com.au