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Mutoh eco solvent ink now in orange

Mutoh Industries has released a new orange colour for the MS41 ink used in its XpertJet 1682SR, a dual printhead high-speed inkjet printer.

mutoh orange ink.jpeg

“The combination of the eight-colour configuration including the new orange colour and MUTOH CMYK Expanded - an orange-compatible wide gamut profile included in VerteLith ver.3 - significantly expands the yellow to magenta colour gamut with a focus on the orange region,” said the manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers.

orange expands the gamut“This expands the colour reproduction area, resulting in richer expression and vivid colour development. It is now possible to vividly express the freshness of foods and fruits.

“The 8-color configuration of the XpertJet 1682SR delivers natural and smooth gradation with light inks, and also rich expression and vivid colour by enhanced warm colours with orange ink, resulting in printing with beauty and impact that is ideal for Sign & Graphics," Mutoh said.

MUTOH genuine RIP software VerteLith

VerteLith ver.3, which supports orange ink, comes standard with MUTOH CMYK Expanded, "an input profile that maximizes the capabilities of the eight- colour configuration with the addition of orange ink."