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Adelaide sign company “bans” vaccinated people - Wideformat Online responds

Peter King, director of Gigantic Signs in Adelaide, says his sign warning vaccinated people not to enter the business is simply “making a statement” and he doesn’t intend to check on people’s vaccination status. Meanwhile, Wideformat Online launches a free file service for sign manufacturers to stimulate retail business re-opening, see below.

 update adelaide sign antivax.jpeg

The sign - “Do not enter if you have been Covid-19 vaxx'd” – has attracted global headlines since being placed in the window of the Gigantic Signs building in Kent Town, Adelaide.

Peter King 200
      "It’s waking people up':
    Peter King, Gigantic Signs

“If nothing else, it’s waking people up,” King told, describing current COVID-19 restrictions as "a crime against humanity.

“It has been allowed to fester into a global sprawling, chaotic mess of human misery and financial desperation,” he said. “What I am truly ‘anti’ about is the government mandating an unproven, untested injection that by definition is not a vaccine but an injection of multiple materials that have not gone through any long term human trials to test for its safety and efficacy. We’re witnessing human trials right now."

King said he was inspired to put up the sign after a winery in South Australia said it would not accept unvaxxed customers. “We have here in Adelaide a company that said they did not want to have any people going to their winery that weren’t vaxxed. I thought that was grossly unfair and intimidating.

“I was simply making a statement. If it is good enough for businesses to allow only ‘vaxxed’ patrons to enter their business premises, then I should support the ‘unvaxxed’ with the opposite stance.”

King said he has received vaccinations in the past - including for polio and cholera - but decided against a Covid vaccine: “This is not a vaccine, it’s a genetically modified substance. Why would anyone want to?” 

King told New York-based The Epoch Times he might consider taking down the sign, but he would not be forced into the action. “Freedom of speech is still available in Australia,” he said.

 gigantic 46.jpeg

With over 26 years’ experience, Gigantic Signs offer a complete range of services from consultation, design, manufacture and installation.

Response by Wideformatonline.

"Wideformatonline takes the position that vaccination is the only safe and available way of getting businesses open again and to provide health protection for the majority of Australians. All professional medical advice we researched points to this. In the sign industry, if we want our customers and their customer's customers to start buying signage again, they must first re-open! We respect Peter King's right to express his opinions, but we don't agree with them. To this end, we are taking a leaf out of his book and coming up with a series of FREE PDF and EPS files, designed by us, and available to any subscriber to our newsletters who resides in Australia and New Zealand.

WFOL doublevax poster.png
This file is available to subscribers as a free PDF or EPS by emailing Andy

Here's the first one, dashed off today. To get the file, all you need to do is make sure you are a subscriber to our industry newsletters (if you are reading this it is likely you are!), and send an email to: Andy - and ask 'send doublevaxx poster file). This email will serve as acknowledgement of our design copyright, and its assigning to you at no cost. EPS files can be scaled to very large sizes and the PDF is suited to from A4 up to A1.

Let's help our customers get back to business! Festoon their businesses with signage that shouts 'we're open and safe again!"

If you are not already a subscriber to our free newsletters, you can subscribe HERE