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Currie Group addresses soft signage with EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i

Following on from the successful series of open houses, marking its appointment as an EFI wide and super-wide format dealer, Currie Group is leveraging its expertise and broad service network to address soft signage with the all-in-one EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i 3.4 metre roll printer and heat calendar fixation combined.

EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i
EFI's VUTEk FabriVU 340i includes the fixation unit for sublimation, making for one-pass prints, ready for finishing

Currie Group supplies and services the full range of EFI VUTEk FabriVU soft signage printers.  This proven platform, since launching in 2018, has over 250 installations worldwide, with many of them being the FabriVU 340i model that offers inline fixation.

The EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i is perfect for those wanting to enter the dynamic soft signage market, and those seeking a more compact, time-saving all-in-one device.  Without the requirement of a dedicated calendar, not only do printers save floor space but it allows printing directly to fabric and sublimating inline.  The resultant prints are ready immediately for finishing and shipping.  The EFI VUTEk FabriVU family ranges from the 1.8 metre FabriVU 180 through to the 5.2 metre FabriVU 520, with the 340i proving the most popular.

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Heat sublimated soft signage is growing in popularity

Paul Whitehead, Currie Group’s Sign & Display Business Unit Manager says: “The increased uptake of soft signage applications is driving the market demand of dye- sublimation devices as they allow customers to print on a broader range of textiles and open up new applications.  Due to the lower weight (versus Vinyls), and the ability to fold and transport; shipping and handling costs are significantly reduced.”

The EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340i is a 3.4m wide aqueous-based soft signage dye sublimation printer, with in-line fixation. With ultra-high resolution, up to 2400 dpi and 4 level greyscale printing, from 4 to 18 picolitre droplets. Printer uptime is improved by auto-head cleaning and a wrinkle detection feature.

Top speed is 500sqm/h, with a regular production speed of 250sqm/h while, in close-viewing POP mode, it delivers 165sqm/h.

Fabrics weighing from 45 to 450 gr/m2 can be printed, also, if sublimating off-line, transfer papers from a lightweight 57gr/m2 up to 110 gr/m2.

As an EFI product, the FabriVU 340i and family benefits from Fiery software and ripping which can process files up to eight times faster and allows concurrent rip-and-print.

Colour management is managed by EFI’s XF software and an inline spectrophotometer, with workflow and rip optimised for VUTEk printers using powerful nesting, step-and-repeat, scaling, cropping, tiling and cut marks in the production tools.

Inquiries can be made to: