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Drupa update: HP Large-Format Media for Latex Ink and Low Solvent Printers

HP have announced details of new large-format media that was designed and tested together with HP Latex Inks and the HP Designjet L65500 Printer to provide optimal results with every print. HP designed 14 new large-format media – including five recyclable substrates.

The variety of HP media includes both outdoor and indoor substrates, and ranges from low-cost, uncoated media to a selection of banner, self-adhesive, film, fabric, paper, mesh and specialty options.

HP Banner Media for Latex Ink and Low Solvent Printers
This banner media portfolio offers a broad range of substrates including PVC, HDPE, Tyvek  and textile. HP banner media are recyclable and tear and fire resistant, giving PSPs more possibilities to meet customer needs.

  • HP High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Reinforced Banner is a competitively priced, recyclable1 alternative to traditional PVC scrim banners. A strong media resilient to outdoor elements, HP HDPE Reinforced Banner also delivers superior image quality over other non-aqueous printers while reducing the impact on the environment.
  • HP Tyvek ® Banner is a highly versatile, lightweight, recyclable1 media that delivers brilliant, high-quality, water fast banners for outdoor and indoor applications. An economical alternative to widely available scrim banners, this durable HDPE banner is easy to hang and grommet, taking the hassle out of installation.
  • HP Heavy Textile Banner is a woven media that combines durability, versatility and recyclability1. This smooth polyester banner is fire-resistant making it safe for a variety of indoor uses, such as window displays or indoor drapes.
  • HP Outdoor Frontlit Scrim Banner offers versatility for a wide range of outdoor uses. The durable construction of this banner media, composed of layered PVC over mesh, minimizes reprints and decreases post processing hours and cost.
  • HP Durable Frontlit Scrim Banner is a 14-oz PVC scrim banner with a high-quality matte finish that renders vivid color and high image definition. This exceptionally versatile media is ideal for a wide range of high-impact outdoor or indoor applications such as in-store displays, event displays and building murals.
  • HP Backlit Scrim Banner is a versatile, 16-oz PVC scrim banner that is ideal for use outdoors or indoors, day or night. It combines tear-resistant durability with balanced light distribution that is as readable during the day as it is at night when backlit.
  • HP Mesh Banner with liner offers outstanding image quality and excellent print performance making it ideal for high-visibility building banners and outdoor advertising. This mesh banner is lightweight yet durable, and displays high color brilliance for a wide range of outdoor applications.

HP Specialty Media for Latex Ink and Low Solvent Printers
These specialty media give PSPs the versatility to offer a wide range of print possibilities for both outdoor and indoor applications.

  • HP Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl and HP Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl are affordable, high-quality, self-adhesive vinyl options suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications such as murals, advertisements, point-of-purchase displays and event signage. The highly-opaque gloss and matte surfaces capture vibrant graphic detail and display brilliant, lasting colors.
  • HP Premium Backlit Film is a durable, economically priced film that delivers uncompromising reliability and performance. With its superior print quality including vivid colors and deep blacks, this film is ideal for eye-catching backlit displays such as event, point-of-purchase and retail displays, and photo enlargements.
  • HP Satin Canvas delivers brilliant color, fade-resistance and the distinctive touch of fine canvas, making it ideal for applications ranging from photo and fine art reproductions, where capturing the aesthetic quality of the artist’s original work is important, to banners and window displays.
  • HP Wrinkle-free Flag is a recyclable1, fade-resistant polyester fabric that is fire-resistant for indoor applications, but resilient enough for outdoor use. This flag comes with a removable liner and can be stitched for fast processing and easy installation. 

HP Paper Media for Latex Ink Printers
These are two economical and versatile paper options for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications that deliver long lasting prints that do not require finishing.

  • HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper is a recyclable, highly versatile media that delivers vibrant, photo-realistic prints for a wide range of indoor graphic applications such as posters, point-of-purchase displays and decorations. An affordable alternative to photo media, HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper also offers easy post-print processing to simplify workflow and maximize productivity.
  • HP Blue Back Billboard Paper is specifically designed as an affordable media for outdoor billboards, posters and kiosks. The satin coating produces long-lasting, brilliant, high-quality prints that do not require finishing for outdoor applications. HP Blue Back Billboard paper requires no lamination, and performs extremely well through all print finishing steps and facilitates efficient, reliable mounting.

HP Australia