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Drupa update: Gandi's new range of grand format digital printers for outdoor/billboard applications

Key highlights include the introduction of the new NanoJet UV True Flatbed digital printer, the new Jeti 3348 Jetstream UV RTR digital printer and the award-winning Jeti 3324 Aquajet Direct-to-Fabric digital printer as well as its full Jeti range of grand format digital printers.

Reaching new heights in quality and speed
During the world cup of print shows, Gandinnovations will lead the way in showcasing its grand format digital print technology with a full Jeti range of grand format digital printers in action. 
The company will unveil the new NanoJet UV True Flatbed digital printer which uses the latest in digital print technology. Specifically designed to print photo-realistic quality outputs, the NanoJet uses 24 Spectra high performance print heads. Equipped with a silicone nozzle plate, this 15 pico liter head is specifically designed to deliver high resolution droplets. Printing at speeds of 220 sqft/hr (20.4 sqm/hr) in high quality mode with superb results, the NanoJet has a print area of 4’ x 8’ and prints in 6 colors at 1200 dpi, using Gandinnovations UV-curable branded inks. The NanoJet is a true winner for any printshop needing to output a high quality product. Perfect for high quality display printing on Glass, Acrylics, Diobond, Aluminum, wood, steel, coroplast, formboard, styrene and much more.
At drupa, Gandinnovations will present the Jeti 3348 Jetstream UV RTR, its brand new 3-meter UV RTR digital printer which prints at lightning speeds of 2500 sgft/hr (230 sqm/hr) in a 4-color configuration and features 48 Spectra print heads. The new unit uses Gandinnovations’ UV-curable branded inks on a variety of materials including 100% PE eco-friendly polyethylene and is well suited for all types of outdoor applications. The Jeti 3348 Jetstream UV RTR will also be available with a back-lit camera option enabling reverse printing of the material and comes with perfect registration allowing brilliant backlit signage. The Jeti 3348 Jetstream UV RTR is the best productive digital print solution for outdoor applications in speed and quality for billboards, backlit signage and building wraps.
Live demonstrations of the Jeti 3324 Aquajet Direct-to-Fabric digital printer, Gandinnovations’ “European Digital Press” 2008 Award-winning, unit will take place during the show. Bringing colors and images alive using Gandinnovations formulated, Waterbase Dye Dispersed Inks printing in 6 colors at 400dpi, this new digital printer will provide customers with the opportunity to witness its outstanding performance which has already created a huge buzz in the industry. The Jeti 3324 Aquajet Direct-to-Fabric digital printer creates the ultimate colors that are brilliant, fade resistant, and literally burst to life from a full range of fabrics - flag, banner, and textile materials.
Hary Gandy, President of Gandinnovations is eager to show the company’s latest product innovations: “The Jeti 3324 Aquajet now achieves bold, vibrant, solid colors printing direct to all fabrics. For direct color, printing to paper first is no longer necessary. It is single process now which enables printshops to save time and money.”
The high speed Jeti 2030 X-2 UV True Flatbed digital printer will also be on show during the event. Printing at speeds of 1400 sqft/hr (140 sqm/hr) in billboard production mode, this unit uses 48 Spectra print heads. This true flatbed digital printer has a print area of 2m x 3m equipped with a strong 3 zone sectional vacuum table, which holds virtually any rigid substrate in place up to 5 cm (2”) in thickness. The Jeti 2030 X-2 UV prints in 6 colors or 4 colors and uses the company’s 2008 award-winning white ink and clear varnish with outstanding quality and speed. 
Gandinnovations will also demonstrate its Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR digital printer. This unit is the best productive digital solution for billboards, building and vehicle wraps. When printed with the company’s branded solvent inks, it offers a 3M performance guarantee.
James Gandy, CEO and Chairman of Gandinnovations concludes: “We are looking forward to meeting drupa’s global and international audience and present Gandinnovations’ outstanding product range. Our new innovative Aquajet direct-to-fabric digital printer will enable us to reach new markets and service new customers. The new Jeti 3348 Jetstream UV RTR and the high-quality NanoJet reinforce our global approach as industry leaders. We warmly invite everyone who is interested in the company’s latest developments in grand format digital printers to visit us in Düsseldorf.”

Gandi Innovations