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US survey indicates printers are expanding sales opportunities

Using the Internet and new ad campaigns, 40 percent of the SGIA Business Growth Survey respondents plan to grow their business by increasing internet sales in 2008.

Other printers will grow by hiring staff, adding equipment and new products.
Of the respondents, 49 percent of the printering community are planning to offer new products this year. Garment decorators (25.7 percent), graphic producers (35 percent) and industrial-use printers (45.7 percent) say these new product lines are the reason they are purchasing equipment in 2008. Most printers will pay cash for their purchases of equipment about one third of the time.

The report offers a complete analysis of actual equipment purchase plans as compared with planned purchase projections from 2006, 2007 and 2008 broken down by industry sector: Graphic Producers, Garment Decorators, Industrial-Use Printers and Suppliers/Distributors.
To see the most-purchased equipment in each sector, members can access the complete survey report free of charge, online at, Keyword: Surveys. The summary also is online at and available to all interested parties.
“Almost half of printers reported that finding new customers is difficult,” said SGIA’s Business Information Associate Katy Lellelid. “But most are overcoming this challenge by launching new marketing and advertising campaigns because they see the need to expand to new markets to stay profitable.”

The Business Growth Survey ran from mid-March to mid-April and collected information about sales per employee.