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EFI Fiery upgrade boosts productivity and quality

Digital print giant EFI, which last week signed an ANZ distribution deal with supplier Currie Group - says the new 6.6 version of its EFI Fiery Command Workstation delivers a host of productivity and quality enhancements. 

efifiery logo.jpeg

EFI Fiery Command WorkStationA key feature added to the Fiery print job management interface is easy access to EFI IQ, a suite of standard and optional cloud applications that connect people, processes and print devices to enable better, data-driven decisions for print businesses. EFI said: “Creating an EFI IQ account is now faster and easier and can be done directly from Fiery Command WorkStation for instant access to production analytics, notification features and more.

Early adopters including the U.K.-based design and print agency Page Visions are already benefiting from this latest release. “The new Advanced Search with version 6.6 means we are able to get very granular with our job filtering and combine parameters such as stock to be used, product type, scheduled start time, customer, and more, creating production efficiencies," said Tom Griffiths, CEO Page Visions. "The ability to save these searches means operators share the same filters which delivers operational consistency. Plus, the fact that Fiery Command WorkStation’s stability is rock solid is also massive for us.”

The new Command WorkStation version was demonstrated at the recent EFI Engage global online users event. 

“Since the early 1990s, and across millions of installations, EFI Fiery solutions have improved digital print production through both increased productivity and exceptional colour quality,” said John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “With this EFI Fiery Command WorkStation release, we continue to deliver on that promise in a big way, from job creation through finishing.”

In addition to its new cloud capabilities with EFI IQ for data analysis and metrics, key enhancements in this latest release include:

More advanced job search capabilities for finding jobs based on multiple search criteria.

A new tool – Raster Curve Editor – that enables operators to perform late-stage colour edits to jobs directly from the job properties screen.

Easier editing of spot colours in Fiery Spot Pro while working within other Fiery Command WorkStation applications.

Support for the EFI ES-3000 colour measurement Instrument, supporting single-scan measurements in M1 and M2 modes with faster and more accurate readings.

Also coming at the end of February is a new feature in EFI Fiery Impose software – a higher-level integration for the Duplo D-618 automatic finishing device, allowing operators to easily set up a custom imposition layout including cut, crease and perforation marks.

For more information about the EFI Fiery Command WorkStation and other Fiery solutions, visit www.efi.com