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Durst launches the Rho SP 60 inkjet at Drupa

The Rho SP 60 (Single Pass) is an industrial inkjet printer capable of printing at speeds up to 35 m/min in CMYK on a range of different materials including, cork, MDF, ceramic tiles, cardboard for packaging, plaster ceiling panels, plastics, and many more, up to a thickness of 3 mm and a width of 63 cm.

The printer uses 50 Piezo inkjet nozzles per colour with a combined total of 25,600 nozzles. It prints directly onto the material, including those with a smooth or profiled surfaces, without the media being touched. The final printed image has brilliant colours featuring a wide colour gamut and can be further treated with suitable protective lacquers.

The Rho SP 60 was originally designed to print “green tiles” (unfired tiles) with ceramic ink, which are then baked at 1,200 °C. It was further developed to handle wooden and cork panels for floors and other media used in home furnishing and packaging. It is already installed in a number of European manufacturers.

The printer successfully meets the printing industry’s increased demands for low volume print runs, personalisation and print on demand.

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