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New report reveals key strategies for selling wide format printing

InfoTrends has released an insightful report entitled Selling Wide Format that provides vital information for anyone selling wide format printing.

We interviewed a geographically dispersed group of wide format printing organizations to find out what methods of expanding their sales have been the most successful for them. The answer, in a word, is resourcefulness.

The companies interviewed, like many establishments in the wide format printing market, are driven by entrepreneurs who constantly scan their local market and their customer base to try to recognize opportunities to grow their business. We learned that creativity and opportunism have been the key success factors for these entrepreneurs in growing their wide format business. In addition, these leaders utilize a wide variety of marketing avenues to sell their company’s abilities.

After speaking to several strong wide format print service providers, we identified a few main points that are important to focus on. Concentrating on these areas should launch your wide format business into success:

Know your product
Know your market
Know your customers
Know your competitors
Sales & Marketing
First and foremost, thorough knowledge of the product is extremely important in selling wide format solutions. The wide format specialists we spoke with shared a few tips on getting to know your product better. They suggested obtaining as much written information as possible on your product. It is imperative that you read up on the features and benefits your product offers.

According to Alexis Golini, an analyst in InfoTrends’ Wide Format Printing Consulting Service, “Speak with any experienced marketing professional and they will tell you, if you don’t know your product inside and out, you won’t make the sale. Understanding the need for thorough product knowledge is the first step to successfully marketing your wide format business.”

This document provides a checklist for preparing or examining a wide format sales strategy and discusses some of the best practices employed by wide format print service providers on a worldwide basis, as well as in some local U.S. markets. It offers specific tips and suggestions on how you can increase sales in your wide format business.

This report is available immediately for purchase. To obtain more information or to make a purchase, visit InfoTrends’ online store or contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2100 ext. 123, or via e-mail at