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New service to increase sales for garment printers who hold stock

Pikicentral is a new web based service designed to help garment printers and any other type of printer that holds stock of a finished product improve sales.

Pikicentral help to set up a web site or as they prefer to call it, a web based store, or several stores to assist with the marketing of the products. The printers sole responsibility, they say, is to provide the fulfillment duties to the store and bank the receipts.
At the moment the service is targeting only garment printers who hold stock, but local CEO, Neil Pentland assures us that screen printers will be catered for in the next four months and embroidery printers within six months and general printers, definitely including wide format printers, in the following year.
Pentland said, "Our service is about using the internet as a gateway to receive orders. With the designer this addresses much of the hidden effort the printer needs to do to satisfy their client. The printers client can directly supply their artwork, position it, ad text and a myriad of other aspects to cost effectively create the image to be printed. The system will generate a price on the fly - the back end allows the printer to define all their own costs, add their margins etc. It also allows for the tracking of these -but that, with work flow is relatively a minor feature at this time."
He continued, "The printer knows his/her market, he knows what sources provide him his work. He now has a fabulous tool to encourage those sources to generate more business for him.