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I Survived, Now What? Rebuild Together webinar video

The Real Media Collective has released the video of this week's final edition of its Rebuild Together webinar series, which features an impressive line-up of speakers - including Tim Michaelides from Complete Colour, Aaron Lusch from Playtpus Print Packaging, Ian Smith from Advance Press and Rodney Frost from The Lamson Group – in a broad, hour-long discussion facilitated by TRMC CEO Kellie Northwood. Lusch said Platypus was “navigating through it” but concerns remained about border closures and the possibility of a second wave.

“It was a solid discussion with some businesses who have navigated the immediate COVID-19 hit and now developing their recovery phases,” Northwood said. “I really do thank them again for their time and support to the discussion this week. Lots of thought starters and key take-outs to expand from. 

“This series has been an incredible success and I’m delighted that we reached close to 3,000 participants and just shy of 6,000 engagement points – a massive outcome for us all to celebrate coming together and sharing knowledge.”