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Ricci Signs (Australia) installs a new Acuity UV printer

Sean Carey, managing director of Ricci Signs Australia, is a young man brimming with enthusiasm. He’s enthusiastic about his employees’ ambitious creativity and about the future of his business, which has grown well over the last eight years with an expanding portfolio of print projects from large retail and construction corporations.

Ricci Signs’ Beverly Hills, Sydney, premises has a diverse range of printing systems ranging from UV to dye-based, which includes six wide format printers.

However, it’s his latest purchase that has Sean’s enthusiasm bubbling over. Ricci Signs is the proud owner of the new Acuity wide format UV flat bed printer from Fujifilm Sericol.

acuity hd 2504 press.gifTo say Sean is pleased with the performance of the Acuity would be an understatement. “The Acuity has top-notch resolution, the speed is great and it runs like a dream,” he said. “It‘s one of my favourite machines on the floor.”

The Acuity HD 2504 is the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology. It offers photographic quality printing at speeds that provide a quick return on investment. At its heart is a new imaging technology that enables each print head to produce variable size droplets as opposed to traditional fixed droplets. Droplets as fine as 6 picolitre are jetted to produce sharp, precise images with smoother transitions and halftones. Jetting larger droplets up to 42 picolitre delivers denser, more uniform solid image areas. The result is image quality usually seen at resolutions of 1200 dpi or higher.

“The number one use for the machine, at the moment, is in producing temporary signage for our retail clients. Because it’s temporary they don’t want to pay a fortune for it. That’s where the real value of the printer comes through.”

“We already had machines that print onto flexible substrates. I wanted a purpose built flatbed that printed onto rigid substrates. The Acuity was the perfect choice. It prints on almost any substrate - acrylic, corflute, cardboard, steel, aluminium.”

Sean first saw the Acuity at a Sydney trade show. After inspecting it he felt sure this was the ideal next machine for his business. His employees did their inspections and agreed with Sean. What was it that helped Sean to make the final decision to purchase the Acuity? “I met the guys from Fujifilm Sericol at the show and they were great,” he said. “They understood what we needed, paid attention to everyone and every detail we needed was addressed. I was happy with the machine, but I was even happier with the guys at Fujifilm Sericol – they really impressed me.”
Sean experienced a small problem when it came to installing the Acuity in his premises. He doesn’t have a wide loading bay and the Acuity wouldn’t fit through the doors. “We had to take out a large window at the front of the premises and block off a main road to crane it in. Our neighbours really loved us that day. But the Sericol guys organised the whole delivery and installation. I didn’t have to do a thing.”

Sean’s experience told him that a new printer can take a few months to begin paying for itself. The Acuity gave him a pleasant surprise. “We had the Acuity up and running within three or four weeks and paying for itself. I’d recommend the Acuity not just because it’s a great machine,” said Sean, “but pretty much because the guys at Fujifilm Sericol are a pleasure to deal with.”

The Acuity HD 2504 is the latest addition to the Fujifilm Sericol printer range, continuing the tradition of developing high quality products and solutions designed to meet virtually any wide format printing need.

Ricci Signs (Australia) Pty Ltd

Fujifilm Sericol Australia