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EskoArtwork introduce SignUp to the sign and display market

We all know that EskoArtwork are big in cutting tables around the world, including Australia. It would seem logical that they should adapt their technology expertise to "Nesting".

Nesting means optimises material usage by nesting the maximum pieces of artwork on the substrate and therefore reduces the preparation time for every job; it optimizes press time and substrate usage. With SignUp you can bring the waste of materials down to an absolute minimum. SignUp is the Nesting product, it is a Rip-independent application. This means it can be used on a variety of digital printing and proofing devices both sheet and roll fed.

SignUp drives i-Cut enabled finishing devices such as the EskoArtwork Kongsberg tables, as well as HPGL devices. esko nesting.jpg

The benefits to a sign and display company are considerable:

  • True profile nesting. The nesting is based on the actual cutting contours, so the shape’s irregularity is no issue.
  • Nesting based on ordered quantities and job priorities.
  • Automatic cutting contour generation.
  • Cutting shape can be edited. For example to smoothen the shape for esthetic and cutting speed purposes.
  • Automatic generation of back side double sided displays.
  • Automatic synching between front and back side of double sided displays.
  • Tiling for oversized jobs. Tiles can be edited interactively.
  • i-Cut support for EskoArtwork Kongsberg cutting tables.
  • Automatic contour masking and auto bleed. This is an optional feature for irregular shaped multi-tile wall displays and special applications

How does it work?
Simply put, jobs come in from a variety of desktop design and publishing packages;  Signup nests them;  SignUp sends a PDF to the press and lastly the cutting information is sent to the finishing device simultaneously.

SignUp can also be used purely as a nesting application to cut laminating material for post print lamination purposes.